This mask literally "erases" wrinkles!!! Πpоcto amazing effect!

This mask literally "erases" wrinkles!!! Πpоcto amazing effect! 


🎀 The composition is very simple: 

- 1 tablespoon grinded in a coffee grinder green tea or powdered green tea, 

- 1/2 tablespoon cocoa powder 

- 1 teaspoon liquid honey 

- Boiled hot water (80°C) 


Mix the green tea (you may also gut the tea from a tea bag, where it is usually already ground) with the cocoa powder and pour hot water until a thick, slightly dry pulp forms. 


Let the resulting mass to cool to a pleasant temperature for the skin and add honey to the mask, if the mask is too thick, dilute it with water or vegetable oil. 


Also you can add to the mask a few drops of your favorite essential oil, lemon juice, natural yogurt, cream, sour cream, olive or almond oil, vitamin Ε oil solution and other ingredients that your skin likes and go well with chocolate and green tea. 


Βmix all thoroughly until relatively homogeneous and apply the ready mask to clean, slightly damp skin. 


Rinse off after 20 minutes with cool water and apply a light moisturizing cream to your face. 


Apply it every 3-4 days for 6-8 weeks (the composition may be changed), then 1-2 times a week to maintain the effect, or replace it with another mask with anti-aging effect.


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