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Hi, I’m Erricka I’m a domestic abuse survivor.

Hi guys my storey far to long to jot it down right here if you’d like to see and know about it please let me know and I be happy to tell you about it I’m a entrepreneur and now a business owner of a all natural crystal healing and calm meditating feild trip tour guide for hunting gemstones in Tulsa ok (sounds like relaxing fun huh ,eh maybe)

My life has been a rollercoaster ride of events that have taught me self worth dedication determination self exploration mindful thoughts dissection of old me and picking out pieces to create the new me when I speak to people about my life and what they can do to get on the right path to fixing there’s I always tell them it’s a science there’s alot things you can do wrong and alot of things you do right that just find in you skill of decision making and always think before doing anything the first step into creating new self if #1 laying it out on the line desect your inner bring separate right from wrong

#1 LAYING IT OUT ON THE LINE MEANING lay it out there for yourself and others(someone will learn from you) put out there on the floor infront of you your mistakes your bads & goods that makes you who you are today it doesn’t matter your not the inventor of anything you have done bad other people have made the same mistakes before put it out there comfortably ok Done it’s there thank you for that

#2 separate the bad from the good no matter what all of this defines who you are today regardless nothing you do or say can ever change that what you can change is whether or not you ever do it again (AH RIGHT,RIGHT) OK so do that the choices that were bad enough to never want to do them again separate that from what your willing to do again cause this step will start to define who your becoming very important step

#3 becoming one with the choices you’ve made from this point on your going to take that beautiful person you see that’ had made the beautiful choice to better yourself and add this knowledge “your happiness is your responsibility and only yours no man no women no thing no animal nothing else will make you happy ya sure it may bring joy but only for little while then your back to being your miserable self again do you know what I mean that vicious cycle that all your realationships seen to end with over and over and over again”

Why is that.. Well understand this...

Happiness is a way of life it’s not a result from anything or any body is a choice it’s what you choose to be for now on find thing that bring you happiness whether it be a talents or a skill anything that’s brings you joy in doing then do that and bring your self happiness because when 2 people bring happiness to the table that is there own happiness and bring into a union together “a relationship”beautiful things will happen for the first time that true love

#4 continue to do so as things happen in your life you keep accepting them and separating them into your right and wrong categories and your do it again don’t do it again catagories

#5 becoming a wonderful citizen in your community to build yourself up never rely on someone else to bring you up do that yourself of course comments are nice make you feel good but put action behind it where you can feel and see it *mow the elderly yard *help carry the neighbors groceries in *pick the weeds out of the flower garden for the neighbors grab trash bags and get your neighborhood freinds to pick up the hood and when your done look at his many bags you fill take note of it then do that every other day then every other week then to 3 times a month each time taking notes as to how many bag you filled compared to the one before and see your results you have them seen the results of your good decision making skills and can reap the awards that feeling of doing for others to make some one else’s life easier because of you is a self esteem builder frfr

#6 find your focus something your going to do a goal make it important enough to you too protect getting it done by pushing anything and anyone out of your way ignore what ever you have to do make your goal happen and remember people that are distracted will distract you guard your focus and there’s a rule with that you don’t have to be rich to talk to me but you have to atleast have a focus if your freinds don’t have a focus on life there not the right kind of freind for you so you atleast to be focused on something

Nobody any I mean nobody will or can do anything to you you have to slow that situation to happen in your life knock the crap out take ownership of this new you and live you best life and remember me mentor be able to speak from your heart to change the life of someone around you that is watching you have looking to you or maybe it’s going to and u just did know it yet good luck if you would like to text meb of need help or want to know more about me who I am then let me know.i will be happy to help you.

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Sincerely, Erricka the author

Erricka N Cook - May 19, 2022, 3:31 AM - Add Reply

That's great

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To have a free spirit you first set your mind free and In order to free your mind you must break chains of this over all evil riddon tied up world and in order to break free from these chains you must break away from all People that create it and in order to break away from evil people first know yourself in order to know ones self you must Kno what you do and say and in order to watch what you do and say you must behave with discipline and I'm order to do any of this you must first believe in you Peace love and happiness.....