Three things for 100% physical and psychological health

Health is a major thing to take care of in today’s world. Our lifestyle, food, etc cause a severe blow to our mental as well as physical health. We should be a little conscious of three general things to be completely healthy and live a vibrant life.


1. Food

According to Ayurveda, food is categorized into three – Satvic, Rajasic, and Tamasic. Satvic is the best food to consume. It adds prana or life force to the human system. Those who follow the satvic diet would be completely healthy in terms of body and mind. Satvic food consumers will lead a long life. Rajasic food neither adds nor takes away prana, while tamasic foods take away prana from our system. Give at least a four-hour gap between every meal. Do not eat and fill the belly. Always leave 1/3rd of the stomach empty.


2. Activity

All kinds of activities like running, playing, doing exercise, Yoga, etc will freshen up our minds. But whatever we do we should do it with full involvement and enjoyment. We would be entirely involved and have fun when we do sports. Some do activities with absolute involvement because they are passionate about what they are doing. That’s the way to do it. We should give our body and mind new tasks. Our daily activities and the quantity of food we eat should be appropriate. Consume less food for low activity and more food for high activity.


3. Mind

The mind is the most powerful asset of us. One’s mind should be calm and joyful to progress smoothly in life. Meditation, going out and exploring nature, etc can be done to improve our mental health. Everyday practice of Yoga is also considered good for the mind. Do things you like and give a break to your mind now and then. It’s like a reset button.


We, humans, can lead a very healthy life if we take care of our Food, Activity, and Mind.


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