Three things to do by Individual on World Environment Day

5th June is celebrated at Word Environment Day in order to aware all about conserving and preventing degradation of Environment. There are many organisations working at various levels like International, National, Regional or Local Level. At an individual level also one can contribute in variety of ways. Lets look at some of the ways.

World Environment Day Plant Trees to Save Mother Earth


              You can plant a tree or be associated with plantation drive conducted by any organisation. However just planting is not enough but you need to take care of that plant till it grows sufficiently so that not much look after is required. If even a 0.1% of the world population do this once per year that means more than 7 Million trees will be planted every year. This is huge number.

Determination to Save Electricity

              At home you can make determination to save just 0.1 unit of electricity per day. It means 3 unit per month and 36 units per year per person. Again even 0.1% of population of world does this then it comes to saving of 252 Million Units per year. Approx 400 gram of coal is required to produce one unit of electricity. It means avoiding approx. 0.1 millions tonnes of coal burning per year. Other effects can be reduced load shedding. One step towards good quality electricity provision to all.

Walk than Drive

              You can have a no vehicle day or a public transport day once per month. This will avoid lot of Green House Gases emission. It will result into clean environment, reduces fuel resource consumption and pushing the Earth Overshoot Day which is currently at July 28. It will also reduce your expenditure. Lets take an example to know the potential of this idea.

              Lets assume that a person travels 10 km per day by Vehicle and consume around 200ml of fuel per day. If s/he avoid using this once per month, it comes 2.4 Litre per year per person. Again by considering 0.1% of population, it comes to saving approx. 16.8 Million Litres (approx. 1 Lakh barrels) of fuel per year. Add to it benefits of healthy life and the gain will be high.

              Every individual will have to make an effort. Whatever small the effort may be but the collective effect will be much much more.


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