Tik Tok how it affects children

Every day parents have more and more concerns about the impact of social media on the immature psyche of a child. Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, and now Tic Toc. Initially, the popular social network was conceived as a resource where users can share funny videos with each other. But now it began to appear quite a lot of informational "slag", which can shake the psyche of not only a child, but also an adult.


What are the dangers of Tic-Tacs for children? Why parents should monitor the browsing history more closely and how to protect children from unwanted content? Today we will pay close attention to the popular resource and tell you what pitfalls can lurk in its halls

Roughly speaking, yes. The first "calls" came back in February 2018, when the United States Federal Trade Commission proved the video hosting site's involvement in the collection of personal data of underage users. The investigation found that TikTok illegally collected confidential information about children (email addresses, phone numbers, names, etc.), which is a blatant violation of the law on the protection of children's privacy on the Internet. The seriousness of the problem is evidenced by the fine of $5.7 million.


This was a serious lesson for the developers, who hastened to quickly update the application, imposing a ban on the registration of users who are under 13 years old. Nevertheless, globally, these measures failed to solve the problem in complex - the popular social network is still dangerous for children.

1.Questionable content




And there are many other factors affecting the development of your child.


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