Time is the most precious thing every person has

No matter how clichéd the phrase is, "Time is the most precious thing a person has," its relevance must be known and understood every day of one's life from childhood. It makes sense to remember this always, to everyone.


Today, swimming in the sea and enjoying the beauty of the surrounding landscape, the pleasant water to the body, the soft sunshine, I thought about life. When I returned to the location of my belongings, my beach neighbors said they were beginning to worry that I was long gone. They had seen me go swimming, but more than an hour had passed and I was still gone. As it turned out later, I swam for 1.5 hours. The time flew by quite imperceptibly. It seemed to me that no more than 20 minutes had passed.


Our days, given to each of us by God, run away quickly and imperceptibly, like water running through the sand. Every day, every minute, every second, we are quietly approaching the end of life.


Think about how you are using the time we have for this life. Ask yourself the following questions:


It is very easy to evaluate the wasted time of a smoker, for example.


Suppose you smoke 10 cigarettes a day. The average time it takes to smoke 1 cigarette is 4 minutes. Now multiply that time by 10. You get 40 minutes. So you're wasting 40 minutes a day. Well, no, at least 40 minutes of your life time you spend killing your own body. And if you multiply those forty minutes by seven days a week, you get four hours and forty minutes. And if you multiply that by a month, by a year, by ten years?


That's just a little example to think about. But this time could be spent on self-improvement, on improving your health and quality of life, on joy, on your family, on communication with your children, on pleasure, on joy and pleasure, etc. 


And how much time is given over to idle pastime? And just wasting life? Well, okay, when a person is 20-25 years old and it seems that his whole life is ahead of him. Although also not forgivable. But what if you are 45-50 years old? And you "drain" your life time in vain? There are a certain number of life tasks for our whole life period, i.e. for this incarnation. And the quicker and more fruitfully each of us solves them, the more likely we will get some pleasant bonuses and surprises from life. And sometimes it's additional happy years of life. It's so great when a few more years of life are added to the time given from above, and you can still have time to do a lot.


What is the idea of endless expectations from people that they cannot give us a priori? Or, for example, to work at a job that is "too much" to bear? Or wasting time on a relationship, in the construction of which the "other half" is not involved? After all, at the first opportunity, he or she will easily leave you alone with yourself to solve their own problems ... Many people spend their best years and precious time doing just that.


Almost all of the above "wasting time" items are mostly for people who don't want to take responsibility for their own lives. It is so convenient for them not to do their own things, not to solve their own life tasks, hiding behind some good intentions or goals. And at the end of the years to judge and blame everyone and everything for their unrealized plans, goals, objectives and dreams.


It is very easy to be "necessary and useful" to other people. After all, you don't have to put effort into your own life tasks. It seems to such people that their own difficulties will somehow "dissolve" on their own. But as time passes, the difficulties and the situation do not resolve, but rather get worse. And those people who were helped a lot and unselfishly, at some point in your life, they will refuse to help in favor of their own interests. This is a very difficult moment. Because it is in this situation that the "sobering up" of the person helping occurs. It turns out this way: instead of solving your own problems and going toward your own goals and dreams, you spent your energy and time helping your best friend in a difficult situation for him. Of course, the friend was genuinely grateful for the help. But time passes, and you expect that in a difficult situation in your life, your friend will reach out and do the same as you once did. But no. Often the following happens: a friend for very good reasons can not help. Does this situation sound familiar? To each and every one of us, for the most part. All this is not to say that it is not necessary to help people in difficult situations. The point is that helping should not be at the expense of sacrificing your own important deeds. It is a matter of setting vital priorities.

Often we help other people while forgetting about our own problems and needs. We spend precious time and energy that we have been given from above on our own lives. But we need to know and understand that in order to solve our own problems, the other person also has time and energy. Time spent on other people should not be at the expense of our own affairs and needs. Everyone in life and destiny is given only what one must go through and experience in his life. To each one is given according to his strength. No one is given more pain and suffering than he can and must endure according to his destiny. Each of us comes into this life to perfect this world, develop our own souls and strengthen our spirits. We need to understand this. It is your own life and your own goals and deeds that are primary.


Time doesn't flow, doesn't go. It runs by leaps and bounds, rapidly leaving behind our unresolved tasks and unachieved goals and dreams. It passes especially quickly for residents of megalopolises. The daily hustle and bustle and the need to solve a large number of tasks and cases needed by someone else every minute steals from them their precious time in life. A lot of different things are done, which, by and large, are not necessary for a certain person's particular life. But following fashion, one's own or others' prejudices, the desire to conform or be on top, the cry of low self-esteem "to be good" for everyone, imperceptibly "eat up" the time that was intended for solving their own vital tasks.


And the time passes and the years go by, the amount of vital energy and strength decreases. And there comes a moment when every person is faced with a problem: "I really want to" or "I have to", but I don't have the strength anymore. Time and opportunities given earlier by life and destiny are irrevocably lost. The children that we wanted so much were not born, but everything was put off until later. Cherished dreams of travels to distant lands were not realized. Not started their own business, which was so necessary to open at the right time. Didn't give enough attention and care to a loved one, and he or she is no longer around. And so on and so forth...


There is a wonderful phrase: "If only youth knew, if only old age could". It has a place to be relevant to all and at all times...


Think about your time, about whether you always use it with benefit to yourself, to solve your problems in life, to achieve your own plans and dreams. After all, time is not infinite for us. And our human life has its limits. And every step we take, every moment, brings us closer to the end of life, which is called death...


Once, when I was in junior high school, we were taken to the pool. They taught us to swim. One of the exercises I really hated. I had to put my arms and legs apart while lying on my back and put my head in the water, so that my ears were in the water. And so, lying on the surface of the water like a starfish, learn to hold on to it, in that position, for as long as possible. It was the most difficult for me and a very unloved exercise of mine.


But many years passed, and when the borders of our country were opened to us Soviet people, I appreciated what I had been taught as a child. My favorite thing to do on trips to the sea is to lie for a long time on the surface of the warm sea with my arms and legs spread out and my head and ears submerged so that only my nose and eyes are above the surface. And to look at the sky, at the clouds running across it, or to close my eyes and listen to the murmur of the water, and to feel the tender touch of waves against my body, the gentle rocking on them, like a lulling baby in the cradle. Most of all I love to lie on the water surface at night and look at the light and twinkling of stars, gently rocking on the gentle waves of the warm sea and enjoying this state and the moment. I love to lie there for such a long, long time. For me, it is one of the most beautiful feelings and pleasures in this life. I have no time to spare. Because after such moments, many life situations are rethought. Peace, joy, and tranquility come into my life. I begin to look differently at various life collisions and my own inner feelings.


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