Tips for Buying the Right Vehicle Insurance

Tips for Buying the Right Vehicle Insurance


Be it your first car or second, buying car insurance to secure your car from damage and other losses remains to be the topmost priority., It is mandatory under the Indian Motor Act has to buy third party insurance for new and old cars. Buying motor insurance has become much easier now as the car insurance companies provide all the information related to the plans offered. This makes it easier to research and choose the best car insurance policy. You can easily buy car insurance online by providing the documents and filling the required information

What is Motor Insurance?

Motor insurance is one of the most important parts of your vehicle ownership. Without it, any damages to your vehicle can be challenging to handle as it can be high-priced to cover those damages. When it comes to the comprehensive motor insurance policy, you are not expected to buy the fire insurance separately. In India, there are many factors that you need to consider before buying car insurance. There is the following important factors to keep in mind. 1. The Occupant Whenever a car is sold, it has to go through the process of registering with the insurance companies. However, a person buying the car should also check the condition of the car as well as other insurance policies that the car may be required to carry.


Why Do You Need Car Insurance?

You should have a good car insurance policy to protect your car against the damages from third party liability. However, there are many factors that you must keep in mind while buying the car insurance policy. In case of an accident, it will help you to settle the losses and find a new car quickly. Car insurance acts as a rescue cover to people who do not have adequate life and health insurances. When Buying Motor Insurance? There are many types of car insurance policies to choose from. You can opt for the coverages which you need. Here are the various kinds of car insurance policies to choose from: Nacional Insurance and ADCC insurance is one of the best plans to buy car insurance. It covers both mechanical and electrical breakdowns. It also provides cover for the losses and damages.


The Different Types of Motor Insurance

The main reason why many people buy insurance at the time of buying a new vehicle is because their existing insurance cover has expired or they feel that their vehicle is too valuable to be covered by a low priced insurance policy. But the truth is that not all insurance is for buying a new car. In fact, there are other reasons why the insurance cover could be purchased, and it's not always for the purpose of buying a new vehicle. Let's understand what they are: Driving and Car Accident – This is insurance in case of accidents and damage to the car. Depending on the cause of accident and extent of damage to the vehicle, the insurance premium can be as high as 10 times the regular insurance cover. Motorbike Insurance – Motorbike insurance policies are issued for personal use only.


The Importance of Checking Your Policy

Being one of the leading car insurance companies India, brings you the best car insurance deals at an affordable cost. Hence, we advise you to check your car insurance policy and see if it covers the features mentioned on the insurance policy. You can check the claims history in case the claim is made and they have to cover the expenses. To know more about car insurance plans, visit A Good Car Insurance Policy is the Key to All Your Car Insurance Fears Do not miss the opportunity to buy the best car insurance policy on as we provide the best car insurance plan on a leading online car insurance portal. Buy a car insurance plan online on and get the best deals with lowest premium.


Tips for Buying Car Insurance Online

Whenever you buy any type of vehicle insurance, be it car or motorcycle insurance, you need to consider two things. The first one is the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). As the number is stamped on the vehicle's side panel, if you lose the vehicle without knowledge of its VIN number, you might be stuck paying for damages and any accidents. Similarly, if the VIN number is misused by the insured, then the money is at stake. The second factor is the location of the vehicle in which you are buying the insurance policy. A car purchased in a rural location may not come under the third party coverage provided by an insurance company. In such cases, the insurer may not offer the same.



Buying insurance policy for your car depends on many factors like the type of car, driving habits, and lifestyle changes. Therefore, you can never be sure of the insurance policy you purchase. However, the right insurance policy is mandatory to protect you from damages and losses. (The author is CEO at Policybazaar.


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