Tips For Getting Income From Blogging Up to 100 Million Per Month

Any one can Create and a Write a Blog, Moreover There is no Standard rule on What Topic to Write About, You are free to Write Topics.

A Succesfull example of Blogging is Randa Derkson, This Mother of 2 is the owner of a food and travel blog The Bewitchin Kitchen, in of his post, Randa Mentioned that his income From Blogging Could reach 100 million/month

To get money from blogging, of course you have to create a blogs as first step. Utilizing a free blog has several drawbacks to earn money from internet

First, almost all free Blogging platforms prohibit you from placing ads. Second the Blogging platforms may delete your blog if it is deemed a violation. This means that you do not have full control over the blog.

If you personal blog is already online, continue on the stage of creating intersting content. The more useful the conten, the more likely visitors it will get. You can learn how to increase your trafic the right way.

If these conditions have been achived, you can start efforts to earn online income, where have you been ?

You can join google adsense. When visitors click on the ads posted on the blog, you will get additional income.

Sponsored post. You can work with other parties to review a product on your blog.

Affliate. Just place an affliate ad banner on your blog. Then get a commision every time a visitor click on the link. Chose a topic niche that you are giid at. Second, actively cooperate with many parties to increase link. Third, learn SEO to get visitor faster.

Blog visitor not only come to get useful information, but also new information.

So, if if you want to get increasing number of visitors, always learn new things. That way, you can continue to create unique conten that is interesting to read


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