Today I suggest that you make Tiramisu, a very light and delicate Italian dessert

Tiramisu is now very popular all over the world, but its homeland is Italy. In Italian, Tiramisu means "lift me up" or "lift me up" (tira - pull, mi - me, su - up). This strange name has been interpreted in different ways, for example, that the dessert is so tender and airy, that you just try it and find yourself in the clouds. There's also a version that it means "cheer me up", but more often the name "Lift me up" is associated with the version that Tiramisu has an invigorating and arousing effect, and that the Italian nobles were eating it before their amorous trysts.



6 chicken eggs

Mascarpone cream cheese 500 g

150 g sugar

250 g Savoyardi cookies

espresso coffee 300 ml

cocoa powder 1-2 tbsp

cognac (optional) 30-50g


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