Today's Bali Earthquake, Here's the Latest Update from BMKG

There are active faults and shear waves Head of the Earthquake and Tsunami Mitigation Division of the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Daryono said, based on the results of the BMKG analysis, the epicenter or center of the earthquake was located at coordinates 8.32 degrees south latitude and 115.45 east longitude. "The epicenter of the earthquake was precisely on land at a distance of 8 kilometers northwest of Karangasem, Bali, with a hypocenter depth of 10 kilometers," Daryono said when contacted by, Saturday (16/10/2021).

With a hypocenter depth of 10 kilometers, the earthquake that occurred in Bali was a shallow earthquake. Daryono said the shallow earthquake occurred due to active fault activity in the Rendang District, Karangasem. Meanwhile, if you pay attention to the seismic waveform recorded on the Karangasem earthquake sensor (KHK), it appears that there is a real and strong shearing wave. "The presence of this shear wave shows that this earthquake activity is a tectonic earthquake," said Daryono.

The area that felt the earthquake According to community reports compiled by BMKG, earthquake shocks were felt in the Karangasem, Denpasar, and North Lombok areas with an intensity scale of IV MMI.

The areas that felt the aftershocks were Karangasem, Bangli, Gianyar, Buleleng, Badung, Denpasar and Tabanan regencies. "Between the main earthquake and the aftershocks, there was only a short gap of about 4 minutes," said Daryono.

According to the BMKG report, this earthquake caused damage to houses in various places in Karangasem Regency and its surroundings. Daryono said the earthquake that was felt in Rendang District, Karangasem, also triggered collateral hazards such as landslides and rockfalls in several places. "In mountainous areas where there are hills and steep cliffs, the after-effects of strong earthquakes in the form of landslides and rock debris are common. This kind of topographic effect should be watched out for during and after the earthquake," he said.

The follow-up impact triggered by this earthquake was reported to have caused fatalities as a result of being buried by a landslide in Trunyan Village, Kintamani, Bali. Bali earthquake victims Based on an official statement received by, Saturday (16/10/2021) at 08.55 WIB, the Karangasem Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) said one resident had died. Meanwhile, the Basarnas Team is still evacuating victims from the ruins of the building. There were 7 residents who were seriously injured. Those who were injured have been evacuated to the nearest puskesmas and Karangasem Hospital. In Bangli Regency, 2 residents died and were evacuated to the local health center.

Today's Bali Earthquake, Here's the Latest Update from BMKG


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