Top 10 absurd comedies that will make you laugh out loud



Jack's dream is to be a successful musician, and in reality he just performs covers of The Beatles. But one day he gets hit by a bus and finds himself in another reality where no one knows about the iconic British band. Jack appropriates the hits and instantly becomes popular.

2.Sorry to Bother You.

Cassius Green takes a job at a telemarketing company. At first things go badly, the protagonist has almost no orders. A colleague advises Green to portray a "white guy" voice, and things suddenly start going smoothly.

3.I Love You Phillip Morris

I Love You Phillip Morris, 2008.

EuropaCorp .

After an accident, Stephen decides to start his life with a clean slate: to stop being the perfect citizen and father, open himself to the world, and live as an openly gay man. But life as a homosexual, as it turns out, is not so easy...

4.The Hitman's Bodyguard

The Hitman's Bodyguard, 2017.

Special Agent Michael Bryce is given the opportunity to return to his previous job, but on an important condition. He must deliver a key witness and, concurrently, his worst enemy to the International Court of Justice.

5.The Real Ghouls.

A pseudo-documentary about three vampire neighbors who struggle to survive in a modern world where people can only be lured in by figuring out fashion trends, social media and other trends unknown to the heroes.

6.Killing Vacation.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil, 2010.

The narrative is led by the same villains from the "cabin by the lake" movies. It turns out that this pair of harmless and funny fools is very far to maniacs, they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

7.Hunt for Savages

Not wanting to end up in an orphanage, a rebellious orphan runs off into the woods, taking the essentials: a shotgun, chips, and a set of spare underwear. A worthless foster father and a bunch of wacky social workers go in search of him.

8.Swiss Army Knife Man.

Swiss Army Man, 2016.

After a boat wreck, Hank finds a man's body on shore. Suddenly the body begins to talk, learn to understand the feelings of living people, and even help Hank get home.

9.Inadequate People.


Vitaly moves to Moscow so his life can finally become "normal". Plans to find a new job and meet a nice girl. But as if by order, the hero meets only inadequate people.

10.Paul: The Secret Material

Paul, 2011.

Two oddball friends meet a talking alien completely by accident. Nothing out of the ordinary, he simply asks to hide him from the secret services. Could the heroes refuse him?


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