Top 10 actors who hate their famous movie roles

1. Kate Winslet

The popularity of "Titanic" has eclipsed all of Kate Winslet's other roles, although she has quite a few. People persistently associate the actress with Rose and touching scenes with Leonardo Dicaprio. But Kate herself is convinced that Rose is far from her best role, and the music in "Titanic" just makes her sick.

2.Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe is a shining example of a single role hostage. After the Harry Potter movies, it's hard to imagine another actor in the place of "the boy who survived." Neither varied roles in other films nor participation in plays helped Radcliffe get rid of the Potter stigma. No wonder the actor began to hate the role that, in fact, made him popular. 

3.Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp certainly can't be called a one role actor. However, the image of Captain Jack Sparrow in the mass consciousness still prevails over all others. But the role Johnny Depp does not like, because you have to play the same thing from movie to movie. To be fair, his other roles Johnny Depp is also not very happy and never watch pictures with his participation.

4. Rowan Atkinson

It is worth Mr. Bean appears in the frame, as it is already becoming funny, even if at the same time on the screen did not really happen. Except that the performer of this role, Rowan Atkinson, is no longer funny. He played the image of a clumsy bastard in a classy way. So much so that now he can not get rid of it. Rowan is seen exclusively as Mr. Bean and is treated accordingly even in real life.

5.Michael J. Fox.

"Back to the Future" is an iconic film series, but fame has played a cruel joke on lead actor Michael J. Fox. To audiences, he's still the curious but simple-minded American kid Marty McFly. And even his roles in dramatic films proved powerless. Once a Marty, always a Marty. 

6. Sergei Bezrukov

It took Sergei Bezrukov years to "wash" from the image of bandit Sasha White from the TV series "Brigada". Bezrukov grabbed for any role that was the exact opposite of criminal. And the actor succeeded. However, wasted effort forever killed the desire to return to Sasha Belogo, even at great expense.

7.Harrison Ford.

The role of Han Solo was a real springboard for the acting career of the then young Harrison Ford. But gratitude to Han for this Harrison does not feel. On the contrary, he defiantly called the character stupid, laughed at the written lines on the set and even persuaded George Lucas to finish the character.

8.Macaulay Culkin

Fame came all too soon to Macaulay Culkin. After the films "Home Alone" and "Home Alone 2," the young Macaulay could already be considered a successful Hollywood actor. Unfortunately, the pressure associated with it, he just could not stand. With other roles failed, and finally brought to the adult actor drug addiction. Culkin has often mentioned that he would like to go back in time and never play Kevin the boy from the famous movie.  

9. Alexander Demyanenko

Anyone familiar with Soviet cinema knows and loves comedies with Shurik, the role played by Alexander Demyanenko. But the main actor of "Operation Y" did not share the people's love. Everywhere recognition Alexander did not like, and the image drove the actor into a rigid comedy framework.

10.Peter Dinklage

Now it's hard to imagine another actor in Tyrion Lannister's place in Game of Thrones. Peter Dinklage embodied the role perfectly and has won more than one acting award. Unfortunately, in 5 years of filming Dinklage Tyrion is a terrible bore. The actor is just tired of the image and does not intend to return to it.


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