Top 10 Actors with Unusual Looks for Hollywood

1.Matthew McGrory.

A real giant, whose height was two meters and thirty centimeters. Matthew McGrory played a lot, though not the main, but very prominent and memorable roles in American films and TV series. Specific appearance and a huge growth has led to the specificity of roles - it was a variety of maniacs, monsters and aliens. Which does not correspond to the real character of the actor, in real life, he was very friendly, humble and friendly. Unfortunately, in August 2005, the actor passed away.

2.Michael Berryman

Michael Berryman is another popular American actor who has played dozens of colorful roles in horror movies, sci-fi and various mystical series. All because of Berryman's very unusual appearance, which was the result of a rare hereditary disease.

3. Danny Trejo

American actor, but who has a characteristic Mexican origin, most of the roles are bandits, murderers and other negative characters. And all because of the actor's intimidating appearance, making him look like a hardened Mexican bandit. By the way, in the past, Danny Trejo actually had problems with the law and was in prison, and now actively engaged in films and TV series.

4.Jim Tavare.

A popular actor from England, who in addition is engaged in writing scripts and is fond of music. In total, Jim Tavare starred in more than 24 films and TV series. His best known role is as Hunchback Tom in the fantasy "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban", released in 2004.

5. Peter Dinklage

A very talented and versatile actor, actively starring in big movies and contemporary TV series. He is known to most viewers for his role as Tyrion Lannister in the series "Game of Thrones" (out since 2011), based on the fantasy "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R. R. Martin. R. R. Martin. The actor is 134 cm tall due to achondroplasia, which does not prevent him from being one of the most popular actors and have an army of millions of fans.

6. Melissa McCarthy

A very bright modern actress who has graced many great comedies with her game. Melissa McCarthy differs from her colleagues by her more expressive, one might even say, lush figure, but she is not just charming and interesting, but very even a good-looking actress.

7. Danny DeVito

A famous comic actor who managed to turn his funny look and short height (152 cm) into part of his stage image, which is loved by millions of viewers from around the world.

8. Ben Wolfe

American actor with a very unusual, slightly creepy appearance. Which was his ticket to the world of horror films. In addition to several notorious horror films, Ben Wolfe played quite a prominent role in the popular series "American Horror Story" (season 4, dedicated to the last freak show on Earth).

9.Gerard Depardieu.

Internationally renowned French actor, whose considerable size and noticeably large nose distinguish him from the cohort of glossy and uniformly handsome moviegoers. Paradoxically, but such unusual features together with the inexhaustible charm and great acting talent made Gerard the favorite of many women around the world.

10.Rossi de Palma

A Spanish actress who broke the canons of beauty, and despite her strange appearance became a model and a source of inspiration for many famous designers and fashion designers.


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