Top 10 advertising tips for you, 100 percent working

1. Creative Elements

Your business has visual elements that make it stand out from your competition. Use that to your

advantage in your marketing efforts. Whether it is a logo, mascot, font, or color scheme, having it included

can help make your brand recognizable. You want to catch the audience's eye, but you also want to

maintain their attention and have them remember your brand. Incorporating unique and creative visual

elements into your ads is crucial to the success the ads will bring you. 


2. Spend Wisely

Each platform used to market online provides you with a different value. It would help if you analyzed which outlets

you should invest more time and money into and which ones are not imperative. Some platforms that

work well for one company yield little to no results for another. It is all peculiar to your brand,

and you need to plan your budget accordingly.


3. The Buyer Process

Understand the buyer journey and what you need to present them with at each stage of the process to

more effectively reach users. There are so many detailed options when it comes to viewing buyer analytics.

You can see each step a visitor takes throughout your website, how much time they spent on each page,

and even what pages caused them to leave possibly. Use this information to cater your digital marketing to

those audience members to simplify the process and benefit you.

James Kirby


4. Connect Social Media Metrics With ROI

To see which efforts are working best, you need to tie your data back to the direct result it

produces. When you are marketing online, you are reaching a diverse group of people, which needs to be considered when measuring your results. It would help if you looked at promoting engagement

with your company versus what is driving conversions.


5. Leverage Facebook

According to a study from a marketer, 80% of small and medium-sized businesses haven't used ads for

Facebook. Jayme Pretzloff, Director of Marketing for Wixon Jewelers, says that Facebook is a great

advertising space for small businesses and stresses the importance of exploring this channel: "Facebook

has allowed you to take word of mouth to a whole new level. Now, more than ever, recommendations from

friends have a huge impact and can sway even the most cautious consumer.


6. Integrate All Marketing Channels


To reach your audience effectively, you need to have consistent messaging. This means making sure that

your ads are integrated across various platforms and giving users the same message, regardless of the

forum. We know each social media outlet has a different vibe and feel, so you need to take the time

to get your digital efforts to match each site while still maintaining a unique yet consistent voice for your

brand. Adam O'Leary, President of Encite Marketing, details this idea: "The best digital advertising tip we can

share with business owners is to ensure that your campaign is integrated with your other marketing channels.

An integrated marketing campaign will garner much better results than any single initiative.


7. Geo-fencing


The relatively new venture in digital advertising holds a lot of promise for marketers-especially those in the

B2C space. It allows you to target customers in a whole new way based on their physical location, in the

hopes of naturally guiding them to your business. Andrea Mocherman, VP of Marketing at Gravit8

Marketing explains how geofencing can be effective for a variety of companies when it comes to driving

sales: "What is increasingly becoming a more and more effective tool for marketers is utilizing geo-fencing in

combination with digital advertising to engage consumers at the right time, with the right message to drive in-retailer, they can use this technology to grab a customer's attention before their competition does to deliver

timely offers that will drive in-store traffic and ultimately revenue


8. Optimize Product Listing Ads

Product listing ads should have all the elements that users want to see when they search. You don't

want potential customers to go and do more research at the risk of losing interest, so answer any

questions they may have upfront. Any information that could be beneficial to the purchase process

includes it! Enhancing these ads will ensure that they stand out, explains Monica Cabaniss, the PPC Associate at

Blue Fountain Media: "Take the time to build a product feed that gives a detailed description of your products

so that they can be presented well in PLA's on Google, Bing, and now Facebook. Pairing a product picture with

the product description on a search results page will add visual appeal to the normal text ads." -Monica

Cabaniss, PPC Associate, Blue Fountain Media Ultimately,


Digital advertising can be the key to success

for any company looking to market effectively to the appropriate audience. If you're looking to enhance

your tactics, and widen the scope of your current practices, try integrating these techniques into your

digital marketing strategy. While employing these tips should help improve your overall ROI in the present

and near future, remember to continuously be eager to learn about the changes and fluctuations in digital

advertising, regardless of the platform or channel that you are on. Being proactive about it and keeping on

top of trends and updates will set you apart from your competition.


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