Top 10 benefits of passion fruit

Top 10 benefits of passion fruit

1.Key nutrients.

Passion fruits are  rich in vitamin A which aids the immune system , eyesight and skin. The fruit is also rich in vitamin C which is an important oxidant.

2. Powerhouse of antioxidants

Passion fruits are packed with antioxidants that helps our system get rid of toxic free radicals. Antioxidants also plays a pivotal role in lessening stress and inflammation both of which are responsible for diseases like Alzheimer's , cancer etc.

3.Passion fruit has a low glycomic index

Passion fruit is one of the tropical fruits that has a low glycomic index value. It helps in regulating blood glucose levels thereby releasing sugar at a slow rate. This makes passion fruit a viable option and a great alternative to other fruits for people suffering from diabetes.

4. Improves insulin sensitivity.

There is a compound called 'piceatannol' found in passion fruit seeds that is said to improve an individual's insulin sensitivity.

5.Storehouse of fiber.

Passion fruit is a rich source of dietary fiber. Fiber is a significant component in everything we eat as it aids in keeping the digestive system properly functioning and is also responsible for keeping the gut health intact. As it do not contain any sterols it is a great fruit for people who have heart troubles.

6.Energises the immune system.

Passion fruit consists of high amounts of ascorbic acid. These antioxidants are responsible for fighting off free radicals and keeping the immune system safe. The seeds of passion fruit comprise 8 % vitamin A which acts as a wall against illness and diseases. It generates white blood cells that helps in filtering of foreign material like pathogens and bacteria in the bloodstream.

7.Supports heart health.

Passion fruit is a rich source of potassium , a mineral that is associated with heart health. Potassium can boost cardiovascular health by normalizing blood pressure. Passion fruit is filled with ascorbic acid that improves cardiac nervous system. Ascorbic acid improves parasympathetic nervous activity that performs a vital role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and dysfunction.

8.Helps reducing stress and anxiety.

Passion fruit is filled with magnesium which is said to have a powerful impact on the brain cells. It can be consumed as anxiety relieving food for good mental health.

9. Offers relief to asthma patients.

Oral administration of the passion fruit peel extract will reduce wheeze and cough besides improving shortness of breath in asthmatic patients.

10.Keeps anaemia at bay.

Passion fruit is rich in iron that increases haemoglobin in the blood . Vitamin C in passion fruit assists with iron absorption.

Passion fruit comes with a plethora of health benefits. Passion fruit can be called a superfruit with the numerous benefits that it offers. The sweet and tart , seedy passion fruit is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and offers a range of health benefits. The fruit has gained popularity among health conscious people due to It's feature rich properties.  It gives another dimension to whichever dish it is added.


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