Top 10 Best British Movies Everyone Should See

1. Emma (2020).

The main character is well-read, has a sharp mind and wit, an ironic sense of humor, and a stern conviction that she sees the true essence of people. The girl decides to become a "matchmaker" for those around her, although she herself almost swears that she will never get married.

2. three seconds (2019)

In an effort to whitewash his name, Pete Koslov (Euel Kinnaman) helps the FBI and participates in operations. During one of them, the plan goes awry. Finding himself in the thick of dangerous events, the hero realizes that the police are not going to save him.

3. Race of the Century (2018)

Donald Crowhurst (Colin Firth) is on the verge of bankruptcy. To salvage the situation, and at the same time fulfill a long-held dream, the man makes the risky decision to become a participant in the Golden Globe yacht race. Going the distance, the man realizes that it is not as easy as he thought, so he throws himself into the adventure.

4. Two Queens (2018).

After becoming the monarch of France, Mary Stuart (Sirsha Ronan) returns to Scotland. Here she must not only prove herself as a wise queen, but also try to reconcile with her cousin Elizabeth (Margot Robbie).

5. Code Red (2018).

During the war years, Joan Stanley (Judi Dench) served as a Soviet intelligence officer and extracted strategically important information in Britain. Thanks to her, World War III was averted. The woman is now retired and living out her quiet years in a small village. But one day unknown people knock on her door and announce the heroine's arrest.

6. Festival (2018).

Nick Taylor (Joe Thomas) gets dumped by his girlfriend, causing him to become depressed. To cheer the guy up, his friend Shane (Hammed Animashaun) invites the hero to a massive music festival. How will this trip turn out for the two crafty comrades?

7. Dark Times (2017).

A biographical film about the life and politics of the widely acclaimed Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman). Coups and conspiracies, cunning maneuvers and strategies, political intrigue and personal tragedies - this film has everything to get seriously into it.

8. On the Shore (2017).

Edward (Billy Houle) and Florence (Sirsha Ronan) are graduates of different universities. And that's far from the only difference in their preferences. Despite their opposing interests, the young people decide to get married, but their relationship begins to deteriorate because of a piquant but dramatic nuance.

9. The Party (2017).

A group of friends gather to celebrate Janet's (Kristin Scott Thomas) career promotion. The party is in full swing, but then the heroine's spouse shows up and the fun comes to an abrupt halt.

10. The Golem (2016).

London's Limehouse is consumed by a series of mysterious and bloody murders. Detective Kildare (Bill Nye) will deal with their consequences and look for the criminals.


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