Top 10+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phone Launches ⚡ September 2021

In this article I’ll talk about the phones that are going to launch this month.


Upcoming smartphones for This month - September! 


Let me tell you, the months(August, September & October) are very busy ones for us.

As the festive season commences, there are many launches. The last 2 months were average in terms of launches.

But now I’d say, the launches are going to be in 5th gear!

And the month of September is packed with smartphone launches & some iconic phones are launching too.

I’ll talk about all of them as you know our Upcoming video series is the most popular one. All thanks to you!

And we take lots of effort & research for this video so that you know all the launches in advance!


Let’s start with the small phone first.


(1) JioPhone Next - Reliance’s JioPhone Next smartphone is coming. It’s going to be an Android Go phone.

It’s going to be priced around Rs 3.5K & is launching on September 10.

Many people are waiting for it as the JioPhone has been very popular so let's see how the JioPhone Next does!

It is launching in September But due to Shortage of chips it will launch on the occasion of Diwali


(2) Asus 8Z - Many people have been waiting for it & asking me about it. It’s launching in September.

And there are strong chances of it launching by the 2nd week(10th-15th September).


Remember, the 8Z is small in size & is compact but it’s a flagship in performance!

So yes, it’s launching by 15th September. Let’s wait for it. You’ll get all along with its unboxing!


(3) Micromax In Note 1 Pro - There are rumours about it. It’s the Pro variant to the In 1.


It’s going to be on G95 SoC & is going to be launched by mid September. Let’s wait for it.

I really want Micromax to bring up 5G phones, it seems unlikely but there’s 1 phone surely launching in September.

At the start of September(3rd September), the date is confirmed!


(4) Redmi 10 Prime/POCO M4 - Their teasers have started coming every day. The Redmi 10 Prime is going to be on G88 SoC.


Will have 50MP quad camera setup & a 5000mAh battery. And there might be a POCO phone in September as well.

So it may be a rebranded Redmi 10 Prime. So yes there’s going to be 1 phone each from Redmi & POCO.


The year’s biggest launch.


(4) iPhone 13 Series - It’s said they’re launching in the 3rd week of September.


Remember this is a global launch & will immediately launch in India. Earlier, it used to come 6 months after its launch.


Now it launches immediately after the global launch.

So there are strong chances of the iPhone 13 series(iPhone 13/Pro/Mini) to launch in India by September end.

There might be 1 more as they launch 4 in total, the iPhone 13 Pro Max, so again let’s wait for it.



(5) Moto Edge 20 Pro - I’m not sure about this phone. Globally 3 phones have launched(Edge 20, Edge 20 Fusion & Edge 20 Pro).


The Edge 20 & Edge 20 Fusion were launched in India while the Edge 20 Pro is yet to come.

There are strong chances & it isn’t confirmed so the Moto Edge 20 Pro might come by 3rd/4th week of September.


(6) iQOO 8 Series - It’s the phone I’ve been waiting for. It’s launched in China & should’ve come to India already.


It has a 2K display with 120Hz fast refresh rate & 120W fast charging. The cameras are amazing with flagship specifications.

It’s going to launch in India before September ends. According to me, the iQOO 8 Series will come to India by 20-25th September.


And there’s not one but 2-3 different phones. So, let’s wait for it!


(7) Samsung Galaxy S21 FE - It’s going to launch globally & I’m confirmed that it’ll come to India at the same time.


So the S21 FE is coming & I think 2 more phones(Samsung M52 & A52S) might be coming as well. Let’s wait for it.

September as I said is going to be packed! You’ll get an unboxing every day!

Let’s talk about OPPO, yes there’s going to be 1 from OPPO too!


(8) OPPO F Series - There’s going to be the F19 Series & a phone in the F Series as well.


There are talks/rumours/leaks, but yes 1 phone from OPPO F Series & TWS are launching around mid September as well.


Let’s talk about vivo now! Yes vivo is launching their amazing phone in September as well!


(9) vivo X70 Series - It’s already launched in China & will come to India in the 2nd/3rd week of September.


You’ll see all brands like OPPO, vivo, Samsung, Xiaomi, realme, Motorola, Micromax & even JioPhone are launching!


And vivo is bringing the X70 series to India in September. I’m not sure but somewhere between mid-end September.


(10) realme 8i/8s - Let’s talk about realme now. 1 is confirmed as well.


The realme 8s is coming on the new Dimensity 810. Madhav Ji had confirmed it on Ask Madhav as well.


So the phone(realme 8s) is definitely coming, but there’s a possibility for the realme 9 Series as they’re listed on BIS since 1.5 months.

So there’s a strong chance, the realme 9 Series to launch as there might be multiple launches from realme in September.


Friends let’s talk about some good phones launching globally. I’m not sure whether they’ll be launching in India.


(11) Google Pixel 6 Series - It’s global launch event is in the 3rd-4th week of September. And I’m not sure.


There are slim chances as they’ll launch globally but might not come in India, probably in October, not sure.


(12) Mi 11T Series - There are many teasers/posters in China. There’s a lot of information like color options at retailers.


So basically Mi 11T will launch globally & might come to India. But the global/China launch is in September.


Friends I told about 13-14 phones & apart from them there might be a phone from Infinix/Tecno/Lava.


Meaning 20 out of the 31 days are going to be filled with some launches.


So it’s going to be a busy month ahead & I’m not complaining! I’m happy!


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