Top 10 chronic signs of being poor - why some people are unlucky with money

1.Fear of taking risks. 

The famous businessman Robert Allen once asked in an interview: "Do you know any millionaires who have made their capital by opening only a savings account?" Of course, this does not mean that you have to spend your money on lottery tickets or get involved in adventures, but sitting in a comfort zone is the lot of poor people.

2.The willingness to share your plans. 

It has been proven that you cannot share your plans for success. Almost 95% of friends or family will assure you that the venture will fail. This will introduce some doubt and insecurity, and therefore increase the chances of failure.

3. the absence of a financial cushion. 

Everyone has heard of a certain amount of money for a rainy day, but many people don't even think about saving. Lack of financial cushion for a couple of months of life - a big mistake, even the billionaires like Warren Buffett try to keep money in reserve.

4.Wrong Recreation. 

Free time should be spent wisely, if you take the rich and successful individuals, they don't play computer games or sit for hours watching soap operas. Zig Ziglar once said, "Rich people prefer small TV sets and big libraries, poor people prefer the opposite.

5.Pleasure credits. 

Taking a vacation on a credit card or buying a new TV on credit is not a good idea. U.S. President Thomas Jefferson recommended spending money only when it's on hand, not borrowing. Loans are necessary only for very important purchases and expenditures which cannot be done without.

6.Unwillingness to watch your money. 

The rich person is always in control of his money and life, at any stage. A poor person, on the other hand, will not even think of keeping records and controlling; he doesn't care how much money is left over after a particular purchase. It is important to always compare your expenses with your income.

7. unwillingness to learn new things. 

The world around us is constantly changing, and every year it happens faster and faster. To find financial success, you will have to improve your professional skills. A striking example is Elon Musk, an entrepreneur who loves to read books and learn everything new.

8.Buying unnecessary products. 

Most people buy food for a week or more, but food tends to spoil, which means it has to be thrown away. In practice, this is just a waste of money, without the ability to plan menus and expenses.

9.Lack of desire to earn more. 

Most people believe that if they have enough money to live on, they don't have to strive to earn more. It's surprising that managers are willing to raise their employees' salaries, but the latter simply don't demand it.

10.Buying things out of pocket. 

Billionaire Jay-Z made an interesting point: "If you can't buy the same thing in duplicate, you can't afford it. Perhaps this rule really works, the only exception being real estate. So buying expensive gadgets with your entire salary 

unreasonable. What to do if the bought smartphone will break tomorrow, and there is no possibility to buy the same one.


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