Top 10 dog breeds for keeping in an apartment

Most people in childhood dreamed of having a puppy. With age, the understanding came that making a new friend is a crucial step. An important factor in choosing a dog breed is the size of the apartment. So what breed of dogs are ideal for keeping in an apartment?



One of the smartest dog breeds. Poodles get along well with people. These dogs are curious and easy to train. She has an extraordinary coat that requires careful grooming a couple of times a week.



The dachshund is perfect for small apartments. the dachshund loves children. You won't get bored with her, she loves to play, so she needs to buy toys to protect her slippers from sharp teeth.



It's hard to find a cuter creature than a little Chihuahua. They get along well in the family and get so used to the owners that they can hardly bear longing for them. The dog is very small and persevering, easily tolerates travel.


French Bulldog

A dog who loves to play and frolic, originally bred as a fighting dog, feels great in the city. Easy to train and able to protect the owner from danger. This dog has a strong stable psyche, even in the most difficult conditions, he will retain control over himself.



Another dog loving to play. Pugs get along well with both children and animals. The dog has a strong psyche and short hair, which requires care.


Labrador Retriever


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