Top 10 funny old Russian words worth remembering

1.  Shaggle

Not surprisingly, the word "shaggy" has left our vocabulary. Not everyone can pronounce it.

Now we use "shush" instead. Golk is a noise, a hum.

2. Kolgote .

No, only now we say: "Move the pantyhose", trying to hurry people. And in the olden days "pantyhose" meant "fuss".

Don't pantyhose!

3. neti.

This word is a bit like the modern distorted "netu" or "netu" or even "Dratuti." This vocabulary is used in conversational communication and is especially popular in social media.

"Netuti" means: "no something," "not available."

"I wish I had a harmonica. Rastudy-vashu-tudy!"

4. tary-bary (rastabary)

This expression is probably familiar to you. It has reached the modern language, and some people still use it.

Gibberish is meaningless information. Unintelligible.

Tari-bary (rastabary) is something similar to the English "blah blah blah blah." Blah blah blah. So-and-so. Idle, useless talk.

"Old buddies met and they started having tara-bars."

5. Chickening

Now we're saying "chickening out." It turns out that everything new is well forgotten old.

Tchikat is to hit, cut off, cut with quick motions.

"You've been pecked, now you're going to jail."

6. Shuitsa

It's "left hand."

And "shuiy" at that is "left." Well, now think about what "on the left hand" would be?

O shuyu.

7. Shuuu .

Close your eyes. Imagine what this word could mean? It seems to be some terrible battle, where everyone was killed. Just a t-shirt!

But no. "Tatter" is just tattered clothes, worn out, old.

8. Shasta

An interesting word that has almost no equivalent.

"Shasta" is a swift, sudden movement. When bang! - and something happened, someone jumped out of a corner (or appeared in the doorway).

"Suddenly out of the woods, there was a bear with its mouth open".

9. Dushegreika

Everything in the Russian man is connected with the soul. So we wear clothes to feel good in the soul. It is comfortable. It is safe.

It is necessary to take care of the soul!

A dushegreika is a warm sleeveless jacket, usually with absorbent cotton or fur.

10. Rein .

No, it is not a head. And it doesn't "crack." At least not today. And certainly no one wants to get hit on it. Let's leave all these jargon meanings behind.

In the old days, a "jug" was a jug, a clay vessel with a lid.


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