Top 10 high-demand professions of the future

1.Programmer, application developer. 

The IT sphere continues to actively develop. New technologies are used everywhere, from space exploration to sowing fields. The staff of programmers is already necessary in every major company. To become a good specialist, you will have to perfectly master programming languages and the basics of digital security.


This position will be in demand in industry, manufacturing and construction. In recent years, the labor market has become oversaturated with humanities, economics and law, which has led to a shortage of engineers in various fields. Even in America, where there are many prestigious universities that train graduates in this field, there is an acute shortage of engineers.

3.Graphic designer, visualizer. 

People of these specialties are in demand in various industries. They work with the latest equipment, such as 3D printers, which can print even the organs of the human body. In the near future, they will be able to replace mass production of goods.

4.Internet marketer, PR manager, content creator. 

Without this staff, businesses can no longer move forward. Even high technology and computers cannot yet replace humans in writing texts. A robot is not capable of becoming an artist or a writer, as it has no imagination and cannot think abstractly.

5.A digital security specialist. 

This profession is popular now, and its demand will grow even more in the future. Transactions are conducted through the Internet, money transfers are made, and purchases are made. And where there is money, there will be fraudsters. A specialist is needed to secure all these transactions and keep personal data private.

6.Specialist in urban planning. 

More and more people are choosing to live in metropolitan areas. Cities are getting bigger, damaging the environment. An urban planner needs not only to fight to save the environment, but also to be able to properly organize transportation, plan the area, and manage development.


Biotechnology is already tightly integrated into our lives in different spheres, including medicine. If the need for such specialists is not so acute now, in five or ten years they will be worth their weight in gold. New technologies are being developed, equipment is being produced. All this should be managed by a person with a certain specialization.

8. alternative energy. 

The whole world wants to reduce the consumption of oil products as much as possible. That is why the sphere of alternative energetics will be developing more and more rapidly. We will need specialists engaged in the development and mastering of more environmentally friendly technologies. Education in this sphere is already available in the technological institutes of America.

9.Specialist in the field of automated systems. 

In large factories and production facilities, the connection between the robot and the human needs to be set up. The more automation develops, the more such specialists will be needed to manage such processes.

10.Agronomists and farmers. 

Despite automation and technological breakthroughs, people are not ready to give up natural foods in the near future.


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