Top 10 interesting facts about Adolf Hitler

1.He was twice expelled from the School of Art

He tried to get an art education and applied to the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, but was twice rejected, once in 1907 and again in 1908, on the grounds that he was "not fit to paint." He continued to paint for himself and sold many works to art dealers, most of whom were Jewish. 

2 He loved Disney.

Being a movie fan, he watched a movie almost every night in his private theater. Although Disney produced films for children and families, to the German dictator the American company was proof of the world's enormous technological advancement. 

The cartoon "Snow White" released in 1937, so captivated Hitler that he specifically ordered a copy to review later. He was also impressed by the special effects of King Kong (1933), another film that was repeatedly reviewed.

3. he launched the first campaign in modern history against smoking in public places

Though he had been an avid smoker for 20 years, Hitler gave up the habit when he realized how much money was being spent on cigarettes.  The leader launched a campaign against smoking in public places and increased tobacco taxes in 1941.  Moreover, his relatives who managed to quit smoking received a gold watch as a gift from Hitler.

4. he never attended a concentration camp

Despite the horrific crimes for which he is known throughout the world, Adolf Hitler never even visited any of the concentration camps where millions of Jews died.  He tried to stay out of the "dirty business" and never wrote criminal orders.  Communication with his subordinates and with those responsible for the mass murders seems to have taken place only in words, and documents directly linking him to the atrocities committed are almost impossible to find.

5. He was a vegetarian and loved animals.

Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian and was obsessed with tasting animals.  Since his assassination attempt was by poisoning, he used to always have someone to taste his food.

For his love of animals, he led an important campaign against animal abuse.  Under his leadership, hunting was completely banned, and animal testing was first restricted and later discontinued.  Instead of animals, tests were conducted on Jews.

6. He repeated his speeches by photographing and reading them.

Obsessed with his own image, the dictator controlled even the moments when he repeated his speeches.  Thus photographer Heinrich Hoffmann was always at his service, taking a series of photographs so that Hitler could see exactly what he looked like when he spoke.  Although he was later told to burn the photographs, the artist kept them.

7. He introduced the concept of an inflatable doll.

To protect his soldiers from syphilis, a widespread disease at the front, Hitler created the concept of an inflatable doll.  The invention was classified The size of the doll was small enough to fit easily in a backpack, allowing it to be carried anywhere.  During World War II, the doll factories were destroyed by the bombing of Dresden.

8. He loved the great German artists and was obsessed with Wagner

Hitler's affinity for the German classics was easily seen in his paintings.  The dictator appreciated fine artists, including Hans Thom, Albrecht Dürer, Lucas Cranach the Elder, and Johannes Vermeer.

One of his big obsessions, however, was the composer and musician Richard Wagner, with whom Hitler fell in love from the age of 12.  In his book Mein Kampf he confessed that he became addicted to Wagner after watching the opera Lohengrin.  Hitler's speeches about Wagner could last for hours, during which no one was allowed to interrupt him.

9. He was a fan of sweets.

Hitler, a big fan of sweets, was also famous for the large amount of sugar he consumed.  He could eat up to two kilograms of chocolate a day and that red wine he always sweetened with sugar.  In addition, Hitler used to put about five teaspoons of sugar in his tea.

10.  His first love was a Jewess.

Although he tried to "cleanse" the world of Jews, the first girl the dictator fell in love with was a girl of Jewish descent.  It happened when Hitler was only 16 years old, but for lack of courage he never spoke to the girl.  Instead, according to sources, he wrote a series of love poems and even decided to commit suicide out of anguish.


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