Top 10 interesting facts about Adriano Celentano

1.Adriano Celentano was born on Befana Day, the equivalent of our Laughter Day. He was the fifth and late child in a noisy Italian family, at that time his mother was 44 years old. Since childhood, he had a great sense of humor and artistry, which really annoyed the practical Giuditta Celentano. She tried her best to stop the endless clowning of her youngest son, worrying that it would be difficult to find a decent job for such a brat. At first she wanted Adriano to become a hairdresser, but then she confessed to him that she had always understood that he should be a singer or an actor.

2.When Adriano was 12 years old, the boy's father died. To help the family, he dropped out of school and went to work as an apprentice for his watchmaker uncle, and watchmaking is still his little hobby. But creativity needed an outlet, and at the age of 17 Adriano founded his musical group, the Rock Boys. He was a fan of Elvis Presley and the American comedian Jerry Lewis, whose manners he tried to copy and even participated in a parody contest. Once he won 100 thousand lire for the image of Lewis.

3.Soon the whole of Italy knew the singer Adriano Celentano - he gave concerts, wrote his songs, won at festivals and released his first studio album. At 23, he was drafted into the army and entered the barracks already a star of Italian rock'n'roll. Soon it turned out that the young man suffers from aerophobia to such an extent that the first time he was in an airplane he fainted and couldn't come to his senses for several days. The aerophobia stayed with him all his life and severely limited the geography of his tours and travels.

4.In 1959 he first appeared in a movie - played in the musical comedy "Guys and the jukebox. There he was noticed by the famous Federico Fellini and offered to play a singer in an episode of the drama "La Dolce Vita", and his first major role was the Celentano country boy in the comedy "Serafino". This film won the grand prize at the VI Moscow Film Festival in 1969.

5.At 25, Adriano Celentano has already filmed a movie about himself. The comedy "Some strange type" told a made-up story about how one day Celentano came to rest in a small resort town, and he was asked to give a concert. The lead female role was played by the young actress Claudia Mori, with whom the actor had an affair, and later they were married.

6.19-year-old Claudia Mori was already a popular singer and even managed to star in the classic of Italian cinema Luchino Visconti. She dated a famous Italian soccer player, and an unsightly young man in flip-flops and a crumpled shirt did not impress her at first... But he found an approach to the beauty - he invited her to his concert. Maury saw a completely different person on stage, his expression literally knocked her down. And also from the stage she heard a declaration of love, and the soccer player was forgotten... Soon the couple acted together at the festival in Sanremo, this festival did not give Celentano any peace - he participated three times, but all the time he lost. And Claudia brought him luck - they won!

7.Their marriage of 56 years, and still Celentano calls it the ideal woman. The couple raised three children, and now are raising their only grandchild. Children also chose a creative profession - Giacomo was a singer, but then because of respiratory problems left the scene and only occasionally writes songs with his wife, Rosita works as a TV presenter, and Rosalind shoots movies. In 1975, Celentano directed the musical tragicomedy "Yuppie-doo", which starred with his wife and children, as well as with Claudia, they were filmed in the movie "Rugantino".

8.On the set of the film "The Taming of the Shrew" Adriano Celentano fell in love with his partner Ornella Muti. Their relationship was known about the whole set, although the actors hid it carefully. They met for two years - after "The Taming of the Shrew" both received an invitation to a comedy with a telling title "madly in love," but still do not advertise their affair. Celentano revealed this secret in an interview in 2008, and then admitted that his wife was also aware of it and even wanted a divorce. Ornella Muti actor's revelations angered her, she did not understand why this had to be done after almost thirty years.

9.In 1987 Adriano Celentano came to our country for the first and only time - he received an invitation from the Union of Cinematographers and personally Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev. This visit was a real event for the actor and for the huge army of his fans. He brought his film "Joan Lui" which failed in Italy but was successful in our country. Celentano was loved in the USSR so much that they were ready to forgive him for his weak work.

10. Adriano Celentano left cinema in 1992, completely switched to music. The reason is quite simple - he ceased to be impressed by modern scenarios: "Let people admire the wonderful movies in which Celentano once starred, rather than begin to spit - what is he, starving, or what, why did he agree to play in such a nightmare? The only exception was a major role in the TV series "Inspector Glitch", which ran in Italy in 2001.


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