Top 10 Little Known Facts About Satanism

1. Satanists do not perform sacrifices

Satanism opposes sacrifice. It is only permitted to kill an animal if one intends to eat it or if it poses a deadly threat. The Satanic Bible says, "Under no circumstances shall a Satanist sacrifice an animal or child."

2. Different types of Satanists

There are three main types of Satanism: theistic, Luciferian, and LaVeyan Satanism. The latter is best known: its proponents follow the teachings of Anton LaVey. According to this worldview, Satan is an image that symbolizes love for all things earthly and the denial of Christ. Most of LaVey's followers consider themselves agnostics and atheists. Theistic Satanism is based on the belief that the devil is a deity worthy of veneration or worship. Luciferians worship Lucifer as the Angel of Light.

3. Who holds the views of Satanism?

Most Satanists tend to be teenagers who want to confront their parents even in their choice of faith. Some are attracted to occult rituals, others to an atheistic worldview.

4. Crimes in the Name of Satan

Yet there have been those who have committed crimes in the name of the devil. In 1985, for example, Sean Sellers shot and killed a store clerk, explaining his actions by saying that he was possessed by a demon named Ezurate. He was executed in 1999. And a group of like-minded Italians who called themselves "Satanic Beasts" killed two friends in 1998 for a sacrifice. Six years later, the Satanists buried their friend, who knew too much, alive. That's when the group was arrested.

5. Deal with the Devil.

History knows many personalities who made a pact with the devil himself. For example, the brilliant composer Giuseppe Tartini promised to serve an evil spirit in his sleep, and in the morning he wrote the famous "Devil's Sonata".

6. Satan and the Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, the church was so in control of sexual life that it defined the allowed months and positions in which good Christians were allowed to be intimate. Anyone who broke the rules automatically became a Satanist.

7. The Nine Satanic Sins.

Satanists have defined nine sins to avoid: Stupidity, pretentiousness, solipsism, self-deception, herd compromise, lack of broad-mindedness, forgetting past orthodoxies, pride that interferes with work, and lack of aesthetic principles.

8. "The Satanic Bible."

Anton LaVey wrote The Satanic Bible in 1969, it is divided into four sections under the following titles: "The Book of Satan," "The Book of Lucifer," "The Book of Belial," and "The Book of Leviathan." According to the author, there is no afterlife, so we must hurry to enjoy earthly pleasures.

9. Satanists and Magic

In the Satanic Bible, LaVey points to 11 rules, including one about magic: "Recognize the power of magic if it has been successfully used by you to achieve your ends. If you deny the power of magic after you have used it successfully, you will lose all that you have achieved." Satanists claim to possess Little Magic and Big Magic.

10. Satanism and Paranoia

Satanism is still shrouded in myths and false accusations. The doctrine is attributed to the promotion of child abuse and sexual perversion. In fact, the Satanic Bible says not to abuse children or attempt sexual intimacy without an inviting signal.


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