Top 10 mistakes when dealing with waiters

1.Don't call the entire order at once.

That way you take up extra time from the waiter. For example, when they bring you a steak and you suddenly remember that you forgot to ask for sauce, salt or pepper. So make sure you call out everything you need right away.

2.Shaking an empty glass to ask for a refill

This is rude and unacceptable even in the most expensive establishments. A good waiter keeps track of how many martinis are left in your glass and knows exactly when to refill it.

3.Sitting at a dirty table

The first rule when entering a restaurant is to wait until you are escorted to your table. It's also important to make sure your seat has already been cleaned up after previous guests. It takes time for the waiter to clean it properly, and watching this is a rather awkward process for everyone involved.

4.Leave a phone number on the check.

Chances are you wouldn't leave your number with an accountant or realtor. You should treat waiters the same way. It's important to respect other people's boundaries, and not show yourself as a toxic person.

The waiter's main job is to make sure you have a good time. However, he should not clean up what you dropped on the floor or pick up the torn napkins you scattered on the table.

6.Not saying hello.

This shows a lack of etiquette, and it's best to learn not to make this mistake as early as possible. When the waiter approaches your table to introduce himself and take your order, pause the conversation and say hello. It's an easy way to show that his services are appreciated.

7.Take a long time to occupy a table.

Of course, the atmosphere of your favorite restaurant beckons you to stay there forever. But waiters can only serve a certain number of tables per hour. If you take a long time to occupy a seat after you have already finished dinner, he loses money.

8.Snapping your fingers or clapping to call the waiter

Of course, the waiter's main job is to satisfy your needs. However, clapping or snapping your fingers loudly to get his attention is an insulting gesture. Don't forget to be respectful of other people. If you need to ask for something, just try to make eye contact.

9.Ask "What can you recommend?"

Perhaps you are here for the first time and want to know if the chicken wings here are cooked just the way you like them. Nevertheless, try to avoid general questions such as "What can you recommend?" Be more specific and ask if the waiter can recommend a particular dish.

10.Change places with your interlocutors all the time

The thing is that many restaurants have a system of numbering tables. This way, the waiter knows exactly who and what to bring. If you frequently change seats, it will be difficult for the waiter to keep track of what you've ordered and which check belongs to you.


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