Top 10 most common Russian words known around the world


Without a doubt, the most common Russian word, known around the world, is the name of the original Russian forty-degree drink.


Of course, in English, there is the word Boreal Forest, which literally translates as Bor. But closer to researchers and agronomists is our Russian word Taiga.


The Russian word babushka is one of the most common Russian words in the world. Thanks to our folklore (fairy tales and cartoons) the image of our kind grandmother in a red kerchief has settled in the West. For example, many people call Russian cuisine restaurants or souvenir stores with this word.


Borscht is used in the West to refer to almost any red soup.


In fact the word Intelligentsia is not a Russian word, it is borrowed from Latin, but the British borrowed the word after getting to know our language.

In the minds of Americans, the word Russian usually conjures up a peasant with this particular musical instrument. Silly stereotype of course, but our folk musical instrument is popular in the West.


Despite the fact that in English there is the word Satellite, which means in our usual sense of the word satellite. In English there is the phrase "Sputnik Moment", which means a time when you have to work long and hard.

8.Matryoshka| Matryoshka

With the word matryoshka, a similar situation as with grandmother. Many people refer to stores of Russian souvenirs, Russian cuisine, etc.


The word Mammoth, borrowed from the Russian language, from the fact that it was the first mammoth found in the Russian Empire in 1986 on July 13 near the city of Yaroslavl, when building the famous Moscow Highway. The remains were found at a depth of 4.5 meters. In English the word sounds a little different, the sound of the letter T is not pronounced.


The word dacha, in English, has a slightly different meaning. It is what Americans and Brits call a cottage in the woods.


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