Top 10 most dangerous places on the planet

10. the Danakil Desert of Ethiopia

"Hell on Earth" is the name given to the Danakil Desert in Ethiopia. The temperature is +50°C and the gas that bursts out of the ground in poisonous vapors. There are volcanoes and sulfuric lakes, which give the surrounding landscape an incredible appearance. Warning: low oxygen levels and dangerous settlements of local tribes add to the extreme!

9.The Big Blue Hole in Belize

Divers all over the world speak with horror about the big blue hole in Belize. It is a huge crater, reaching a diameter of 305 meters. The depth of the sea is 123 meters. It is riddled with caves, labyrinths, stalactites, which are home to a large number of sea creatures, including sharks. Even the most venerable divers prefer not to exceed a diving depth of 20-30 meters.

8.The Road of Death in Bolivia.

Any mountain road is dangerous, but not as dangerous as the one in Bolivia. The road is 70 km long over the precipice of 600 meters deep is the only route connecting the cities of Coroico and La Paz. In some parts of the road is too narrow, making it dangerous for traffic. Dozens of overcrowded buses fly into the abyss every year.

7.Lake Natron in Tanzania

"Red" Lake Natron in Tanzania is attractive for its beauty, but this lake should not be bathed in because of the high concentration of salts and minerals that turn the lake water into a viscous mass of pink and orange hues during the heat. Any contact with the water leaves the body with burns and swelling. However, this is the habitat of pink flamingos, oddly enough.

6.The Royal Route in Spain

In the last century, the Spanish built the Caminito del Rey trail on the steep cliffs of the El Chorro Gorge. The old trail was closed at the beginning of the second millennium, and after restoration, 14 years later, it was reopened.

5.Mount Washington in the United States

Who dares to climb this mountain in bad weather? You will not believe it, but there are brave men in the world who still try to conquer the summit of Mount Washington, where tornadoes with a speed of 103 m/s, snow storms and -40°C frost constantly rage. This low mountain is comparable to the summit of Mount Everest in the complexity of the stresses on the human body.

4. Death Valley in Russia

Deadly places can also be found in Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula. The Kronotsky Nature Reserve was a place where the earth's crust once ruptured, releasing poisonous gases on a regular basis. We would not advise you to visit this place.

3.Crystal Cave in Mexico

The mountain town of Naica has for centuries kept the secret of the existence of a unique cave of crystals. It is a place with a temperature of +58⁰C and humidity mark of 100% - anyone who gets here without special equipment, will die.

2.Lake Kawah-Ijen in India

On the mysterious island of Java in Indonesia, there is an acidic-volcanic lake Kawah. Instead of water, there is hydrochloric acid from a volcano at the depth of the lake. It is dangerous to be here even when wearing a gas mask.

1.The Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean

Perhaps the most dangerous in our list should still be considered a place with paranormal signs. This is the well known Bermuda Triangle, where planes and ships disappear without a trace. The world knows about 100 cases of disappearances of ships and aircraft in this area, which forms the triangle between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda.


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