Top 10 most expensive hotels in 2022 Here is the expensive hotel list of 2022!

Let’s start at the bottom of the list, in Dubai, which has a vast range of costly hotels: Most expensive hotels in Dubai! Though, on this list, the only Dubai hotel on the list is found at position 10, the Burj Al Arab:


10. Burj Al Arab in Dubai, UAE


This wonder of the modern world is the fourth tallest hotel in the world. The shape of the building is reminiscent of a ship’s sail. It has a helipad, and Tom Wright designs the hotel. It also claims to be a 7-star hotel.


9. Hotel Plaza Athenèe, France


The premier hotel in Paris in terms of grandeur. On the 5th floor is the biggest suite of the French hospitality industry. You get to relish the sights of the Eiffel tower from the hotel. Guests have a private kitchen and a steam room to themselves and enjoy French Regency fabrics and furniture. A night here will cost you $27,000.


8. Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada


This hotel and casino have 653 rooms of opulence, none more lavish than the Sky Villa resort on the 6th floor covers over 800 square meters, and costs $35,450. Its design style is a tasteful blend of modern and retro. Its world-class facilities like poker tables, racy artwork, and indoor pools make it the preferred choice of the rich. The hotel is renowned for its great nightlife activities.


7. Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez in Cannes, France


This hotel is a prominent feature of luxury living in France. Established in 1929 by a noble Italian family, its art styled décor is unmistakable. You can enjoy the scenic view of the southern French city from the hotel. Part of its exclusive features include guests having the luxury of personal jacuzzis overlooking the Bay of Cannes.


6. Grand Resort Lagonissi Royal Villa in Athens, Greece


A very extravagant hotel located on the Athenian Rivera, it has ten restaurants, 197 rooms, and 76 suites. It offers concierge facilities like helicopter lifts, yacht hire, chauffeur-driven limousines for its distinguished guests. At more than $40,000 every evening spent, it is the definition of Greek opulence.


5. Laucala Island Resort Hilltop Estate, Fiji


A very luxurious villa located on its island in the Archipelago of Fiji, you would still have to seek approval via an application from the owner, Dietrick Mateschitz. The hotel has received many positive reviews, many calling it the Apex of the World. You cannot book a stay here, but being friends with the Red Bull founder might give you a chance to get a vacation here.


4. Raj Palace Hotel, Jaipur, India


The costliest hotel in Asia at a daily rate of more than $43,000. It was built in 1727 and branded as a grand heritage hotel. It was previously The Maharaja’s Pavilion as he once resided there. You can even find a museum celebrating India’s reach heritage in the presidential suite.


3. Four Seasons Hotel Ty Warner, New York


The building was started in 1989 and took seven years and $50m to construct. It’s among the priciest hotels in America. The rooms are exotic, having 360-degree ceiling views, gold, and platinum weave fabrics, amongst other features. It costs $50,000 per evening.


2. Hotel President Wilson Royal Penthouse Suite


Geneva, Switzerland – Named after the 28th President of the US, located close to the United Nations building in Lake Geneva. Visitors in this hotel enjoy magnificent views of the Swiss Alps. The Penthouse suite is 1800 square Meters with bullet-proof windows. Also, private lifts take you straight to your apartment, amongst other luxuries.


1. Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine, St. Lucia – The most expensive hotel in the world


At $150,000 per night, it is officially the costliest hotel in the world. Located in the ocean at considerable depth. You get an underwater view of the entire marine world. Though it’s very extravagant, every minute spent on this hotel is worth every penny. This hotel is the very definition of the Mile-Low club.


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