Top 10 most expensive restaurants in the world

1.Alain Ducasse, Dorchester, London, UK

Alain Ducasse is three Michelin-starred and offers one of the best places in London. Chef Jean-Philippe Blondet is the author of exquisite haute cuisine; specialties include lobster tails with truffle meatballs, roasted foie gras with rye bread and delightful pasta and mushroom circles. Desserts include cherry puff pastries, baked apples with crème fraîche and saffron, and hazelnut soufflé. An a la carte lunch at the restaurant will cost about $285.

2.Ithaa Undersea, Alif Dhaal Atoll, Maldives

Ithaa is one of the most iconic underwater restaurants in the world. Its design was designed by MJ Murphy Ltd, a renowned aquarium design consulting firm. Guests are "treated" to a view of crystal clear water with fish, sharks and turtles.

3.Restaurant de l'Hôtel de Ville Read, Crissier, Switzerland

Restaurant de l'Hôtel de Ville Read opened in 1953 by Benjamin and Fredy Girardet: the latter worked with Philippe Rochat, one of Switzerland's most famous chefs.

4.Maison Pic, Drome, France

Maison Pic is a legendary French eatery run by renowned chef Anne-Sophie Pic. It was founded in 1889 by Sophie and Eugene Pic. Ann-Sophie is one of the few female chefs in the world whose cuisine has been awarded three Michelin stars. Maison Pic offers a nine-course menu that includes such delicacies as goat cheese banon berlingo, candied turnip, venison marinated in sake with sediment, and Mediterranean rouge in saffron broth.

5.Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama was opened in 1948 by Teiichi Yuki, today run by chef and owner Kunio Tokuoka. It is one of Japan's best restaurants, offering a full kaiseki (Japanese multi-course lunch). The dining area is furnished with seasonal furniture and the garden is set against the breathtaking backdrop of Arashiyama. The chef prepares dishes with colorful compositions of exquisite ingredients that complement the beautiful serving dishes.

6.Aragawa, Kobe, Japan

Aragawa is located at the end of a dimly lit hallway in the basement of a building in Tokyo's Shinbashi district. Unlike other high-end eateries, Aragawa has no front entrance and no valet. Aragawa's hidden location means that few people are lucky enough to know about this gem, which was named the most expensive restaurant in the world in 2006. Here they serve the most tender, fattest and juiciest Kobe beef in the world. Before slaughtering, the cows are very well watered down with sake and given massage sessions - it is believed that happy cows produce better Kobe beef. One meal at Aragawa will cost about 56,000 Japanese yen ($507).

7.Masa, New York, USA.

Masa is owned by Masayoshi Tayakama, a renowned chef of Japanese descent. The chef's passion for cooking began as a child when he worked at a fish market in Japan and studied at Tokyo's Ginza Sushi-ko restaurant with Sugiyama Toshiaki, a renowned sushi master. In 2004, he opened restaurants in Manhattan and Time Warner Center. The average price for a meal at Masa is $595.

8.Per Se, New York, USA

Per Se is owned by renowned chef Thomas Keller: the restaurant was designed by Adam Tihany and opened its doors to customers in 2004. It has arguably the best view of any restaurant in New York - Columbus Square and Central Park. Visitors are greeted by a charming team and then take an escalator down to the restaurant's dining area. Per Se offers two nine-course tasting menus, one designed for vegetarians.

9.Ultraviolet, Shanghai, China

It's hard not to notice the striking design similarities between Ultraviolet in China and Sublimotion in Spain. Founded in 2012, Ultraviolet is considered to be one of the most avant-garde restaurants in the world. It is the brainchild of the world-famous chef Paul Pierre. Every night Ultraviolet treats ten guests to an unforgettable dinner. Ten lucky guests are dropped off in a dark alley by a minibus and then escorted into an all-white dining space that looks rather dull at first glance. After a while, the room is transformed with a combination of audio, lighting, scents and video elements. This is followed by a delightful 20-course dinner that stirs the senses of the guests. The dishes served at Ultraviolet are quite unusual. For example, Tomato Mozza and Again is a duo of dishes: one is spicy and the other is sweet. The cost is $847/person.

10.Sublimotion, Ibiza, Spain

Visitors to Sublimotion get more than just food - according to the restaurant's website, Sublimotion offers visitors the greatest gastronomic show in the world: projections, laser light shows, and virtual reality elements. There are digital projections on nearly every surface of the restaurant, including an interactive table. The entire dinner lasts three hours and is served by 25 employees, including masters, illusionists, chefs, waiters and a DJ. The price is about $2,000/person.


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