Top 10 most expensive vodka bottles in the world

10.OVAL Swarovski Crystal Vodka = $6,922

Launched in 2009, Oval Vodka is produced in Vienna, Austria and served only in exclusive nightclubs in Europe and America. This exclusive vodka, made from 100% pure wheat using a patented process, is bottled at 84 degrees. The bottle is decorated with Swarovski crystals that catch and reflect light from all sides.

9.Belver Bears Belvedere Vodka = $7,250

The bottle, originally introduced at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, was a limited edition vodka resulting from a collaboration between the Polish company Belvedere and singer-songwriter DJ Jean-Roch. The vodka itself is distilled four times, which makes it as unique as a Plexiglas bottle with lights.

8.Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Black Bottle = $10,000

A simple bottle made from high quality crystal at Reijmyre Glassworks in Sweden, along with two matching crystal glasses, packaged in a treasure chest of distinctive pinstripe fabric. A total of 10 sets were produced.

7.Kors Vodka 24k, George V Limited Edition = $24,000

Russian Czar Nicholas II in the early 1900s was determined to create the "perfect" vodka and attempted to do so by distilling with pure gold tubes and adding diamonds to the liquid. He then shared his recipe with his cousin George W. Kors. The result was this distinctive vodka: only 240 bottles were produced.

6.Russo-Baltique (Old) Vodka = $740,000

The famous Russian luxury car manufacturer of the 1900s turned its attention to vodka at a later stage in its history and succeeded there. Only 10 bottles of this vodka were produced, and each customer received an additional Dartz Prombron Iron Diamond SUV. The flasks the bottles were encased in were exact replicas of solid gold car radiator glass and weighed 9 pounds each. The hats were made of yellow and white gold and were topped with a diamond-studded Russian Imperial Eagle.

5.Premium Diva Vodka = about $1,000,000

The vodka itself is considered an unusual, triple-filtered vodka, and is known for its superior taste. The bottle contains precious crystals that can be used as gifts to special people for special occasions - or the bottle can simply be displayed as a work of art when empty.

4.Russo-Baltique Voka= $1.3 million

A unique bottle of bulletproof glass with a flask made from the grille of a vintage Russo-Baltique car. The first bottle was a gift to Prince Albert of Monaco. One of the bottles was stolen from a vodka museum in Copenhagen.

3.Leon Verres Billionaire Vodka = $3.75 million

The flaming triple-filtered liquid contained in this diamond-studded white faux fur bottle was filtered once through ice, a second time through Nordic charcoal and finally through crushed diamonds and other gemstones.

2. "Eye of the Dragon" = $5.5 million

Royal Dragon, a Dutch company based in Hong Kong, created a beautiful bottle topped with a stylized dragon studded with 50-carat yellow diamonds in addition to about 15,000 clean-cut diamonds and solid 18-carat gold. The artwork was a collaborative effort between Scarselli Diamonds of New York and the vodka company. It reportedly took eight months to produce, and the vodka it contains is also of legendary quality: produced from winter rye and subjected to five times charcoal distillation.

1.Billionaire Vodka = $7.25 million

It's all about the packaging and the mystique of the black bottle, covered with faux fur, which completely hides the contents and additionally decorated with nearly 2,000 gold-framed diamonds.


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