Top 10 most influential people in history

10.Albert Einstein.

World-renowned physicist and Nobel Prize winner. His areas of interest included gravitation, distortion of space and time, flows of light and particles. It is a remarkable fact that Albert showed no outstanding talents in school and studied physics additionally from scratch.

9.Christopher Columbus.

Spanish navigator who became famous for the accidental discovery of a major continent, America. This discovery changed people's view of the earth in general and geography in particular.

8.Johannes Gutenberg

Inventor of the printing press and actual father of modern printing. Gutenberg's innovation was typesetting pages made of metal letters, which made the work of printers much easier.

7.Cai Lun.

Chinese inventor of paper made of different fibers - silk, hemp, ash. The first paper appeared in the second century A.D., spread around the world in the fourth century A.D. and has been in use ever since.

6. the Apostle Paul

One of the most famous teachers of Christianity, though he was the last of the twelve apostles to turn to Christ. He devoted his whole life to preaching and left many outstanding works.

5. Confucius

An enigmatic personality, scholar and philosopher. Born more than 2500 years ago, he left a rich heritage of treatises and teachings about life, destiny and human destiny, which are still relevant today.

4. Isaac Newton

A scientist whose area of interest was mathematics, physics, astronomy and mechanics. He was famous for his discovery of the law of universal gravitation, the foundations of mechanics, and methods of calculus. His scientific works became a basis for the development of modern science.

3. Muhammad

Historic figure, famous political figure, and central figure in Islam. Prophet Muhammad devoted his long and difficult life to studying the Qur'an and attracting disciples and followers.

2.Shakyamuni Buddha

Spiritual leader and founder of one of the world's major religions, Buddhism. He devoted his life to learning about harmony and striving for serenity, which he taught his followers.

1.Jesus Christ

The central figure in the Christian religion, prophet, messiah, and teacher. As the son of God, he devoted his life to helping people on their way to faith, and ended his earthly journey by sacrificing himself for all the vices of men.


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