Top 10 Most Protected Places on Earth


The 10th ranking belongs to the bunker of the influential and wealthy Julian Assange, who owns the Swedish Internet service provider Bahnhof. The old nuclear bunker houses the company's numerous servers. Backup generators have the capacity to keep the servers running continuously for up to several weeks when the power goes out.

9.ADX Florence

At number nine on the top list is ADX Florence, a correctional facility with 24/7 inmate monitoring capabilities.

8.Federal Reserve Bank.

The security of New York City's largest gold vault is considered ultra-secure. After all, one-fourth of all the gold in the world is in this location!


Once again, a nuclear bunker. Located in Cheyenne Mountain in the Colorado Mountains, it is securely protected from curious visitors.

6.The World Seed Vault

Where is the best place to store the world's grain reserves in case of major natural or man-made disasters? Certainly on Spitsbergen Island - the most remote place on the planet.

5.The U.S. gold stockpile at Fort Knox

U.S. gold reserves must have a secure vault, and they have one. One of the buildings at Fort Knox, which is surrounded by four high-voltage fences, hung with cameras and guarded by armed sentries, holds about five thousand tons of gold.

4.The Vatican's Secret Archives

The truth is out there, and an impressive portion of the secrets of our world belong to the archives at the Vatican. Ancient documents have found their safe haven in an underground bunker. The premise is equipped with modern equipment, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the security system.

3. vaults of the Mormon church

Genealogical and historical records directly related to the Mormon Church are stored in Granite Mountain in the southern United States. A climate control system keeps the room at the proper temperature. The security system consists of multi-ton doors, numerous video cameras, thermal sensors, and motion detectors.

2.Area 51

The second place of the rating belongs to the American secret base in the Nevada desert. The territory is secured not only on the ground, but also in the airspace - there are protective shields around the perimeter of the base.

Air Force One.

The U.S. Air Force aircraft was created to carry American presidents, so it belongs to the "gold" of the TOP. The aircraft is equipped with secure telephone and computer communication systems. It can also be used as a command center in case of a nuclear attack.


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