Top 10 Most Titled Footballers of the 21st Century

5.Maxwell - 37 trophies.  The full name of the Brazilian is Maxwell Scherrer Cabelino Andrade. He is a pupil of Brazilian "Cruzeiro". For the basis of "Cruzeiro" began playing in 2000, where in the same year and won his first title of the Cup of Brazil.

Already in 2001, he went to conquer Europe, where his first European team was Ajax. There he became the double champion of the Netherlands, twice winning the Cup and the Super Cup.

After moving to Italy and signing a contract with Inter, Maxwell's winning streak continued. In Italy he became a 3-time national champion and 2-time winner of the Italian Super Cup.

Then in his career was Barcelona, with which Maxwell twice won the Spanish league title, three times winner of the Spanish Super Cup. He won the Champions League with Barça and twice won the UEFA Super Cup and the Club World Cup.

After moving to PSG, the Brazilian continued to collect trophies. He has become the four-time champion of France, won the French League Cup and French Super Cup four times and won the French Cup three times.

4. Hossam Ashour - 39 trophies.  The Egyptian footballer is a living legend of Al-Ahly of Cairo. He played for Al Ahly since 2003 and all 39 trophies are connected with performances for this club. He is 13-times champion of Egypt, 4-times winner of the Egyptian Cup, 10-times winner of the Egyptian Super Cup, 6-times winner of the CAF Champions League (the African equivalent of the Champions League), winner of the CAF Confederations Cup and 5-times winner of the African Super Cup.

Andres Iniesta has 39 trophies.  Iniesta started to play for the Barcelona main team in 2002. Since then he has won nine Spanish championships, six Spanish Cups, seven Spanish Supercups, four Champions Leagues, three UEFA Super Cups and three Club World Championships.

Also playing in Japan for Vissel Kobe Iniesta won the Cup and the Super Cup in Japan.

With the Spanish national team Andrés became European champion U-16 and U-19 in 2001 and 2002, Iniesta is also two-time European champion (2008, 2012) and World Champion - 2010.

2. Lionel Messi - 41 trophies.  Arguably the best footballer of XXI century Lionel Messi started playing for Barcelona in 2003. Since then the Argentine has become a 10-times champion of Spain, 6-times winner of the Spanish Cup, 8-times winner of the Spanish Super Cup, 4-times winner of the Champions League, 3-times winner of the UEFA Super Cup and 3-times winner of the Club World Cup.

With the Argentina team Messi became the winner of the World Youth Cup - 2005, the winner of the Olympic Games - 2008, silver medalist of the World Cup - 2014, 3-times silver and once bronze medalist of the American Cup.

1. Dani Alves - 41 trophies.  The Brazilian is a real magnet for the attraction of trophies. He started his professional career in 2001 in the Brazilian "Bayeux" and immediately began winning all sorts of Cups and Super Cups. In Bayeux Alves became the champion of Bahia State and two-time champion of the Cup of the Northeast.

In 2003, Alves moved to the European continent, signing a contract with Sevilla. He won the Spanish Cup, the Super Cup, the UEFA Cup and the UEFA Super Cup twice at Sevilla.

Having moved to Barcelona, Dani Alves earned 23 more trophies. He has won six Spanish titles, four Spanish Cups and a Supercup, three UEFA Champions' League and a UEFA Super Cup, and also three Club World Championships.

Alves also managed to win titles in Italy. With Juventus, Alves became the champion of Italy and won the Italian Cup.

Moving to PSG, Alves continued to rack up wins. As part of the Parisians, he became a two-time champion of France, the winner of the French Cup, the French League Cup and two-time winner of the French Super Cup.

For the Brazilian national team Alves became a two-time winner of the America's Cup (2007, 2019) and two-time winner of the Confederations Cup (2009, 2013).


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