Top 10 most unusual buildings in the world

10. Piano house, China

An unusual "musical" house consists of two parts, or rather, two musical instruments - a violin and a grand piano, almost completely transparent. The Piano House was built in 2007 and its proportions perfectly replicate the musical instruments. At night the building is illuminated by neon tubes, which looks effective and laconic.

Piano house

9. Heydar Aliyev Center, Azerbaijan

The building was constructed in Baku in 2007. The building has an unusual shape - light and eye-catching, it is the main dominant feature of this part of the city. Inside there is a cultural center which includes exhibition halls, the Heydar Aliyev Museum, the "Mini Azerbaijan" exhibition with reduced copies of the most famous landmarks of the country and a congress center.

8. Kunsthaus, Austria

"The inhabitants of the Austrian city of Graz nicknamed this mysterious object that resembles an alien ship from a distant galaxy. Its shape is reminiscent of a huge dark blue glossy bubble. This building is home to a museum of contemporary art.

7. Habitat 67, Canada

A housing estate in Montreal consisting of a complex of cube-shaped houses built in the brutalist style. It was built in 1967, but the project still looks incredibly relevant. The heap of identical grey cube-shaped houses, standing on each other, is a bit frightening, but when you come closer you realize that this is actually a very comfortable and well thought out housing. Each apartment in the complex is a full house with its own territory, a separate entrance and a small private garden on the roof of the neighboring cube standing below.

6. The Lotus Temple, India

The Lotus Temple consists of 27 giant petals. People of all faiths and religious views can enter the temple. You will not see any decorations, paintings or sculptures there. The perimeter of the temple is surrounded by nine petal pools of turquoise-colored water. Looking at the Lotus Temple, it seems that this beautiful flower is about to begin to bloom.

The Spanish branch of the famous Museum of Modern Art in New York is in Bilbao, and it is a masterpiece of modern architecture. The museum building resembles a huge cruise ship or a spaceship with aliens. The building is covered with titanium plates that look like fish scales. In the building you will not find any straight corners.

4. Ferrari World, UAE

In Abu Dhabi in 2010, there is an object that grabs everyone's attention. It is a unique huge building, under the roof of which there is the biggest entertainment park, created by the international automobile corporation Ferrari. Inside there is a lot of interesting things - a theme park, breathtaking rides, including the fastest ride in the world Formula Rossa (its speed is 240 km/h), a simulator, with which you can fly over Italy, go-karting, stores with branded Ferrari products, cafes and restaurants.

3. Cubic Houses, The Netherlands

An avant-garde project for sure will appeal to connoisseurs of modern architecture. The unusual yellow-gray "Cube Houses" in Rotterdam were built more than 30 years ago, but they still look fresh and relevant and are one of the main attractions in the city.

2. Crooked House, Poland

Everything in this house is crooked: the windows, walls, roof, doors and even the eaves and downpipes. It looks very surreal - as if you found yourself not in Polish Sopot, but in the real kingdom of crooked mirrors. Especially spectacular "Crooked House" looks at night, when its bizarre forms are emphasized by evening illumination.

1. Crazy house, Vietnam

A fabulous hotel "Crazy House" - one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dalat. Everything here is done very crazy - both inside and outside. Crazy mazes of narrow passages, bizarre mushrooms growing on the roofs, intertwining of live vegetation and architecture. Crazy House is especially admired by children.


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