Top 10 Most Unusual Fears

10. Staurophobia

Very relevant: it's a fear of crosses and crucifixes. Don't be too quick to accuse everyone who does cross-pollination or art amateurism in church of blasphemy - maybe it's subconscious to them, on a molecular level. To them, to take down a couple of crosses is like picking a bunch of dandelions. They can't help it!

9. Eisoptrophobia.

This is an awesome phobia: the fear of seeing yourself in the mirror. Psychologists inaudibly mutter something about the fear of self-knowledge or even about running away from exhibitionism. But you and I know that acute episodes of eisoptrophobia usually occur the morning after a good drink. And vampires have them all day long. Poor bastards...

8. Anatidaephobia

If an encounter with your reflection can somehow be avoided, then anatidaephobes have no life at all, no matter where they are. Because at any time of the day, anywhere in the universe, they are being watched by... a duck! Yes, a common bird, of the duck family. It doesn't show itself in any way, it just watches. You don't see it, but it's there. You have to admit, it's hard to accept that. It's even harder to give up the idea that it's out there.

7. Misophobia (aka germophobia).

Remember the movie "It's never better"? Jack Nicholson there came to the restaurant with disposable dishes and washed his hands every time with a new bar of soap. Classic misophobia - an obsessive fear of contamination, infection, and a general fear of germs. Apparently, Moidodyr had a strong influence on sufferers of this phobia as a child. By the way, "washstands boss and sponge commander" itself can cause obsessive fears for life!

6. Verminophobia

Something similar to misophobia, only here there is already a fear to pick up any disease. This is also a very harmful thing, because there is nothing good in absolute sterility: the immune system is out of work, and the person finds himself in the helpless power of any infections. On the other hand, they say that there are more germs in the telephone receiver than in the toilet bowl. It's better just not to think about it, otherwise after every phone call you'll need to take a hot shower and send your things to the dry cleaner.

5. Metrophobia

Yes, yes, you say, the subway - it's hell! Well, it's not. That is, the subway, of course, terrible, but fear of the subway - it's something else entirely. And subway phobia is the fear of listening to poetry. If you dare to mutter something about "it's cold and sunny and it's a beautiful day," you won't be far from death. Here it is, the magic power of poetry! It's better for metaphobes not to go to rallies, they are full of ditties.

4. Genufobia .

Here, too, poetry can be recalled. How much the volumes of poems would have shrunk if poets suffered from genufobia - a pathological fear of bare knees. Alexander Sergeyevich would have had no time for Terpsichore's feet. However, in those distant days it was not customary to show off one's knees. Genufobes appeared in the twentieth century - apparently at the same time as shorts and miniskirts. Of course, they are afraid of their bare feet, too. And I wonder whose knees inspire fear more - their own or other people's?

3. Coprophobia

Well, knees are fine, even if they're naked. But what's it like to be a coprophobe? This is when you go into an uncontrollable panic at the sight of ... let's say, at the sight of what you did in the toilet. Basically, you don't have to look, but dogs have waste, and waste all around them.

Ah, that's what they called not wanting to go to school! And what explanatory statements you can write with that vocabulary! "I didn't come to class yesterday because I have didaskaleinophobia." Beautiful! Seriously, though, we're talking about a really panicky fear of school. The phobia, of course, is not for life, but for some it transforms into other fears. For example, surgeons have ergaziophobia - a fear of surgery. And you cannot fire such a person: he does not refuse, but is simply afraid.

1. Phobophobia .

All of these phobias can be placed in random order - this is just a small part of a huge list of obsessions and fears. But only one phobia can top this ranking - the fear of the appearance of any phobia! "May you live paycheck to paycheck!" or "Burn in hell!"  - are child's play compared to phobophobia. Just imagine, you're afraid of everything around you! You're afraid to go outside, but also the roof of your house makes you tremble and dread; you can't eat or sleep, you can't even go out of your life because you're afraid of dying!


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