Top 10 most unusual professions in the world

 1. Ear cleaner.  The profession is predominantly found in China. Although it is also found in other Asian countries. Inhabitants of the Celestial Empire would hardly include it in the list of unusual occupations. According to the ear cleaners themselves, they perform this procedure to heal the body.

2. The island's caretaker.  At the end of the first decade of the millennium, Ben Southall won the contest for the best profession in the world, beating out 35,000 entrants. The man lives in a luxury villa on an island paradise, where he feeds turtles, monitors coral reefs, and maintains a personal blog. Ben Southall receives $20,000 a month.

3. water slide tester.  Representatives of the profession frolic all day in the water parks. All they are required to do is report their impressions. That means it is not enough to have a strong buttocks. Need to possess the skills to create exciting publications, which will be able to attract visitors.

4. Penguin Flipper.  Works in rugged Antarctica, lifting up non-flying birds that peek at airplanes. Once fallen on their backs, the penguins can't get up, which can end up being fatal. The penguin flipper helps keep the population alive.

5. Cheese listener.  The famous Italian parmesan factories employ people whose working tools are a silver mallet and a musical ear. The cheese reaches its maturity in about three years. To determine the degree of maturity of the Parmesan, the listener of the cheese taps the heads daily, analyzing the sound.

6. Bed warmers.  The profession originated in the Manchester and London hotels of the notorious Holiday Inn chain. The specialists of this profile simply lie down in the bed of a guest to warm it up before the guest wants to sleep. The reason for the emergence of the profession is the results of a study by the Edinburgh Sleep Center. Scientists found out - a warm bed increases the quality of sleep.

7. Feed Taster.  The profession exists in large-scale industries. Pet food tasters sample each batch, checking the quality and balance of the final product. They earn up to $75,000 per month.

8. Bridesmaid.  If the bride-to-be's closest buddies stop communicating with her out of jealousy, a true professional comes to the rescue. The professional provides comprehensive assistance during the preparation for the wedding and accompanies the girl to the celebration.

9. Hugger.  Comes to the rescue when the customer urgently needs a lifesaving hug, and loved ones are in another city or even country. Clients pay huggers about sixty dollars a day.

10. Panda Caretaker.  The administration of a Chinese sanctuary has hired a team of specialists to care for the cute black and white bears. They have a veterinary degree and a cool head. After all, it's hard enough not to go crazy when you're surrounded by two dozen clumsy furballs.


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