Top 10 Movies about the Roman Empire

1. The Last Legion (2007)

Young Romulus (Thomas Brody-Sangster) is destined for a great ruler of Rome. But Odoacer (Peter Mullan) commits a coup and kills the boy's parents, usurping all power. Romulus finds himself imprisoned along with his teacher. In the dungeon, the hero finds a sword that will make a hero out of him.

2. agora (2009).

The film shows the story of the first female mathematician in history, Hypatia (Rachel Weiss). As a scholar, the woman gave lectures and advice to officials. But religious unrest in Rome shook her position.

3. Pompeii (2014).

Milon (Kit Harington) grew up in captivity and is forced to fight for his life in the gladiatorial arena. The parallel storyline tells of a love line between the protagonist and a Roman noblewoman, Cassia (Emily Browning).

4. First King of Rome (2019).

Brothers Romulus (Alessio Lapice) and Remus (Alessandro Borghi) are captured. Unhappy with this situation, the heroes decide to stage a riot to overthrow the dictators.

5. Titus (1999).

The Roman general Titus (Anthony Hopkins) returns after a battle, carrying prisoners, among whom is Queen Tamora (Jessica Lang). The man kills the slave woman's child despite her pleas. However, the woman soon becomes the consort of the emperor himself and decides to take revenge.

6. Kamo Gradeshi (2001)

Mark (Pavel Delong) comes to Rome to visit his uncle and falls in love with Ligia (Magdalena Meltsazh). The girl reciprocates, but the couple share political and religious views.

7. Spartacus (2004)

Spartacus (Goran Višnic) becomes a gladiator and often takes part in battles in the arena. One day the hero loses a battle and the Roman nobles demand to kill him. But Spartacus' rival refuses to do so, attacking the guard. The event leaves a deep mark in the protagonist's mind, and he changes his attitude towards what is happening.

8. Julius Caesar (2002)

The film follows the rise of Julius Caesar (Jeremy Sisto) as a person and ruler of Rome, starting from his young years. Political intrigue, territorial conquests, and a love line make this a really fascinating movie.

9. Gladiator (2000).

The emperor of Rome is murdered by his own son, who lusts for power. But he has an adversary who knows the truth about the bloody crime. Maximus (Russell Crowe) will do anything to rid the empire of the despot and lead Rome to prosperity.

10. Centurion (2010).

Roman legionnaires must breach the defenses of the Picts and capture them. But the warlike people won't just give up...


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