Top 10 oldest soccer players in the world

10. Farid MONDRAGON, Deportivo Cali (COLOMBIA)

MONDRAGON is the oldest player to take the field at the World Cup. He was 43 years old and 3 days old when he played in the 2014 championship. Right after that game, MONDRAGON ended his career. He was going to the tournament as the third goalkeeper, but after the Colombian national team solved the task of leaving the group ahead of time, Farid was allowed to enter the field in the match against Japan to set a new record.


RIVALDO played his last match at the age of 43 years and 1 month. And on the field he came out with his son RIVALDINO. And while being the president of his club. That season, the Brazilian played 4 matches and even scored one goal. So, the appearance on the field was not just formal.

8. Gianluigi BUFFON, Juventus (ITALY)

BUFFON is only eighth on this list. But he has so much strength and energy, I wouldn't be surprised if he moved even higher. A unique goalkeeper. And he doesn't play in any 3rd or 4th league. He plays in one of the strongest clubs in Europe. And he plays so that there is no way to squeeze him out of the basics. 43 years old, but the form will give any youngster.

7. Anatoly DAVYDOV, Zenit (Russia)

The oldest player who played in the highest Russian division. He played his last match at the age of 43 years and 295 days. In the championship of 1997 there was a unique case for our soccer. At that time Zenit had father and son on the field at the same time. Dmitriy was 18 then, and Anatoly was already 43.

6. Roger MILA, Putra Samarinda (INDONESIA)

This dancing Cameroonian was loved by the whole world after the 1990 World Cup. The oldest player ever to score in a World Cup. In 1994, he hit the goal for the Russian national team when he was 42 years old. Officially, MILA ended his career at the age of 44. However, many claim that this Cameroonian is much older. There is no way to verify this. But Roger's uniqueness is not even in question. In his last season, he scored 18 goals in 12 games. Not a bad old guy.

5. Alexander FILIMONOV, "Dolgoprudny" (RUSSIA)

FILIMONOV's career is something unbelievable. From one of the best goalkeepers in the country to the most fiercely hated footballer. One game nearly broke FILIMONOV, not just his career, but his life. But Alexander is a fighter. He became the World Champion in beach soccer and returned to big soccer again. Where he played until he was 44 and a half years old. But at the amateur level, FILIMONOV is still on the field. Although he is already 47.

4. Kim Byun-Ji, Jeongnam Dragons (KOREA)

This Korean goalkeeper finished his career at age 46. And even at that age he was still on the field as the team's starting goalkeeper. He played for the national team until the age of 38, but you won't be surprised to hear that number since there are even older players who played for the national team.

3. Peter SHILTON, Leyton Orient (ENGLAND)

Peter SHILTON was England's main goalkeeper until the age of 41. SHILTON holds two records. For the number of official matches played, and the number of matches played (1390) in the English Championship (1005 in different leagues). Since he finished his career in the third division. It was a legendary goalkeeper at the time of 47 years. If desired SHILTON could, and beat his compatriot Stanley Matthews record, but he is too unattainable.

2. Stanley MATTEWS, Stoke City (ENGLAND)

Sir Stanley played his last match at the age of 50 years and 5 days. And he even managed to score a goal in that game. He was knighted by the Queen almost immediately after the end of his career. Until the very last match, Matthews was in great shape. But apparently he was just tired.

1. Kazuyoshi MIURA, Yokohama (JAPAN)

This player broke all records. He will turn 54 years old in February, and he still continues to enter the field and bring value to his club. Until 2000, he played for the national team. In addition, he played at the World Futsal Championship in 2012. When he was 45 years old. It seems that this "young man" dug out somewhere the secret of immortality.


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