Top 10 reasons to give up alcohol

1.the heart will become healthier

Many people believe that a glass or two of red wine a day is not only harmless, but even healthy. It is impossible to confirm or deny this statement unequivocally, since much depends on the condition of the organism, the age of acquaintance with alcohol, the amount of alcohol regularly consumed, the presence of other bad habits, etc. However, this is true only when a person drinks no more than one standard dose per day.

A standard dose is 10 grams of pure ethanol. Men are allowed no more than 3 standard doses daily by the WHO, while women are allowed no more than 2 doses daily.

Reducing or completely avoiding alcohol will lower blood pressure, "bad" cholesterol levels, and the likelihood of heart failure.

2. the work of the liver will improve.

It is through it, vital and so necessary literally everyone, passes all the alcohol drunk, toxic to the cells. So the liver of a person who drinks can soon begin to be covered with fat, fatty hepatosis develops. This is at best, and at worst cirrhosis.

But the liver is a unique organ. It knows how to recover, at any age. Giving up alcohol and smoking, at least for a while, will help our regeneration processes.

3.There will be less injuries

You can joke about the "drunken sea is knee-deep in it", but the statistics is inexorable: at least half of traumas, burns, bruises and drownings are caused by alcohol. Alcohol is also responsible for 40% of traffic accidents. No matter how you look at it, but a sober head reacts better to what is going on around than a head clouded with alcohol.

Alcoholic beverages have few calories, and they are "empty". Worse, the appetite increases under the influence of alcohol, and it becomes much more difficult to pass by a French fry or a giant hamburger. Even if only one glass of beer is consumed. Giving up alcohol will make the transition to healthy eating easier.

5.Intimacy will improve.

Booze is liberating and can push you into the arms of a casual partner. It's true. So the amount of contact may even increase. But that quantity does not translate into quality. And that is why alcohol abuse can cause unfortunate consequences: men may have problems with erection, and women may lose their desire altogether. In some time after giving up alcohol, the desire may return, and the quality of coitus will improve.

6. it will be possible to restore the relationship.

A person who drinks slowly but surely loses social connections. Family members turn away from him, friends begin to avoid him, he becomes useless to anyone.

Giving up drinking can lead to the restoration of relationships. And not only in the family, but also at work.

7.Sleep will return.

Many people know that even a little abuse of alcohol can cause uncontrollable sleepiness. However, this effect is short-lived. After a couple of hours, the person will start to wake up, but it becomes more difficult to fall asleep again. In addition, the rapid phase of sleep is disrupted under the influence of alcohol.

If you refuse to drink alcohol in the evening, it will help to establish sleep and make your rest better.

8.The immune system will become stronger.

The body knows how to recover, so already in a day the immune system will begin to strengthen. In six months you will notice that colds occur less often. And all you need is to stop abusing.

9.your brain function will improve

Alcohol has a very negative effect on the brain. Memory and ability to analyze, coordination of movement, and ability to correctly estimate distance and volume all deteriorate. A drinker may lose the ability to understand emotions, both their own and others'. All this can be restored, but it will require quitting alcohol.

10.Good feeling will come back.

This may not happen right away. After prolonged alcohol abuse, giving it up may cause unpleasant sensations: sudden cold sweats, a violently beating heart, trembling in your hands, nausea, intense anxiety, and even hallucinations. If something like this happens, you should see a doctor immediately for qualified help. A thorough cleansing of the body may probably be necessary, and this should only be done under the supervision of a doctor.

But then, when there are no products of alcohol decay left in the body, life will play with new colors.

And it will be worth it.

And on this optimistic note, let's end. I hope that the coming holidays will be remembered by the majority with something more interesting than a drunken feast and inevitable hangover.


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