TOP 10 Tech Myths That You Need To Stop Believing In Right Now.

1. More megapixels mean better picture quality 

Cameras are mostly judged on the number of megapixels they have, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. The only benefit of having more megapixels is that it gives you the ability to crop, zoom and print big posters.


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2. More RAM means better performance 

There are a lot of people who think that a higher amount of RAM in device results in a great performance, and end up buying the wrong device. However, for smooth performance there are several factors responsible.


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3. Bigger battery means better battery backup 

It’s obvious that a bigger battery can hold more power, but does it mean that it also gives a better battery backup? A simple answer is ‘No’. Though a bigger battery can hold much more power, battery backup depends upon how it’s being used by the system.

What does that mean? A device having a small battery can last longer if its OS is well optimised as compared to a device with a bigger battery and an unoptimised OS.


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4. Turning Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off when not in use can save power

It’s true that if you are actively using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, turning them off will save your battery. However, if they are idle (not connected), turning them off won’t affect the battery life. 

The latest hardware used for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is so power efficient that you don’t need to turn them off every time you don’t use them. 93ab288c245e68c5e1287752aca9d08c-480.webpcredit: third party image reference


5. Clearing background apps leads to better performance 

It’s a common myth that clearing background apps will make your smartphone work faster. However, your smartphone’s operating system works differently. The OS present in your smartphone is smarter than you think, it automatically closes apps from the background as soon as it needs more resources.

On the other hand, when you clear apps from the background, your device takes even longer to open it again. Don’t believe it? Try it yourself.72f1eebec21cbe55a541ebf32df56df3-480.webpcredit: third party image reference


6. Overnight charging leads to a battery explosion 

This myth came to existence after a few smartphones exploded while charging. This common misconception was all over people’s mind because of which they stopped charging their smartphone overnight. But is it the case? The simplest answer to this question is ‘No’

The modern smartphone comes with smart circuits that cut off power as soon as the battery hits 100% mark. So, it doesn’t matter if you charge your phone for 2 hours or 20 hours, your phone’s battery will not explode because of overcharging.ef271afc0a894edc3583f8c3579433ba-480.webpcredit: third party image reference


7. Radiation from cell phone causes cancer 

You must have heard about this common myth that says radiation from cell phones can cause cancer. People also questioned the SAR values of different smartphones, saying that the radiation emitted from them can cause cancer. However, no study was able to prove that. 7eeec852748380fee35182a29933845f-480.webpcredit: third party image reference

8. We need antivirus software in smartphones 

What’s the best way of preventing your devices from viruses? An antivirus software, one would say. But does your smartphone need an antivirus? Probably not. Android OS is built in such a way that viruses can’t affect them the way they affect your computer systems.2eb7ede2f5b94ded8417a4800ef082ec-480.webpcredit: third party image reference

9. Using smartphones at the petrol pump can lead to an explosion 

You must have seen several signs at the petrol pumps which says using the phone in this area is prohibited. The reason for this caution is that a spark caused by your phone’s battery can lead to an explosion. While there was a slight chance of this happening, this is not the case anymore with modern smartphones. 0edff7cbab8c2b465dd3c1286a741f3f-480.webpcredit: third party image reference

10. Apps from the Play Store and App Store are 100% safe 

To ensure your security, smartphones don’t allow you to install apps outside your app store. But that does not mean that apps you install from the app store or play store are 100% safe.


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