Top 10 things you should never tell others

1.When a person does good and good deeds, helps others in difficult situations, or, for example, if his relative urgently needs money for an operation, he unconditionally compensates him. But in so doing he boasts of his deeds, saying that he is the nicest and kindest person, naturally this deed directly shows that his deals are only for show to the whole world. In order to be praised. It is not necessary to do so, and to tell about your charity. Such a step will lower your self-esteem in the eyes of others.


2.If you have a problem, and you want to overcome yourself, while restricting yourself to everything.  You have the willpower and intelligence, and achieve some goals alone.  And then tell me how you didn't buy for half a year and limited yourself in some products, and in something else, and thus succeeded. You renovated your house, you advanced in your career, you increased your money supply. You can't talk about it to others and brag about it. I did this, I did that. It's better for others to talk about it. But not you! You will lower yourself.


3.Never tell anyone about what you're trying to do or what you're thinking.  If you have set a goal to achieve something, don't tell anyone about your plans. Chances are you may not be able to accomplish them. We lose interest and energy of strength. Many people will even be jealous of you. And soon all this negative energy will prevent you from achieving any goals and plans. Surely we will be asked whether we have achieved our goals or not. What if we don't. We will be disappointed in ourselves, our self-confidence will go down. So in the eyes of others we will have low self-esteem. Once we have achieved our desires, only after that can we tell family, relatives or friends. Before realization, we should not do this.


4.Suppose you did a heroic deed and are proud of yourself. Praise yourself that you are so strong, smart, you are generally a superstar and always do good deeds, these you on the contrary fall in the eyes of others. Not you have to talk about heroism, the surrounding people will do for you. Thus you show weakness and insecurity of their strength. Don't brag about who you are. Be ordinary and hold your own. Partners will elevate you themselves!


5.Progress spiritually. Don't tell, keep your knowledge of spiritual practice a secret. After all, we know how happy spiritually energetic people really are. They are just attracted to others. For example, if you have taken up yoga or meditation, and are making great progress, take the time to tell others about your spiritual experience. You will become confident, peaceful and happy people.

6.  Don't tell others about a relationship situation. Whether it be boyfriend and girlfriend, or husband and wife. Most likely you will make up later, and in the eyes of others you will just demote your partner. A lot of misunderstandings happen, and that's no reason to take the reasons for your arguments out of the house. Keep your secrets firmly and trustingly! The key to your marital happiness and code is the family as one, it's when couples don't give each other a hard time and support each other despite all the quarrels and resentments!


7.  You can't judge others. People who judge and criticize others are failing their own lives.

There will be no benefit unambiguously, you will gain negative emotions in your subconscious, which will simply destroy you. Take it on yourself, it will be nice to hear that other people are discussing about you, judging you and criticizing you. Absolutely not! It's a very unpleasant thing. Put it aside. Get busy with your life, think about your family, fill the house with hormones, and then you will be very happy, and most importantly, your soul will find peace. Get rid of all the negativity, live quietly and peacefully, without any discussions, take care of your destiny!

8.  Never reveal secrets about your income and profits. Do not be proud or boast of your money. People's negativity greatly affects material possessions. Keep it a secret. Envy of relatives will ruin your success in financial affairs.


9.  Don't tell who you owe how much. Don't cry and don't show how weak you are, that you can't solve your problems. Don't ask for loans! No one must know about your debts. Do not look to others for support. Do not stoop to a lower level. Don't lower your self-confidence. Don't sacrifice yourself. Pull yourself out of all difficult circumstances without anyone else knowing about it.


10.  Don't tell other people's secrets. That would be very low of you. If your friend or loved one confided secrets, you, in order not to lose trust, do not tell those around you. Then from the low deed, you will feel very bad.

Mental anguish will not leave you! And in this way you will greatly lower your trust in people!


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