Top 10 things you shouldn't do in Japan

1. You should not enter the house with your shoes on.

This is considered disrespectful to the owner of the house and his family.

Also, often in public places (temples, restaurants, libraries, etc.) there are special little thresholds at the entrance that are lower than the main floor so that dirt from shoes is not spread around the room. And to use the toilets there are special slippers;

2. Don't disrupt the queues.

The Japanese like order, so it is better to line up for transport, there are even special lines indicating where it is better to do it. It is quite a Japanese phenomenon to queue for the elevator;

3. In the "land of the rising sun" it is not customary to violate personal boundaries. For example, it is bad form to tap you on the shoulder and ask if you are getting off at the next stop" on public transport, to talk loudly on the phone or amongst yourselves. Loud laughter, kissing in public places, figuring out relationships;

4. It is not advisable to pay with money by passing it from hand to hand. Special trays are used for this purpose;

5. There are many restaurants in Japan where it's not really advisable for a foreigner to come and make other people feel uncomfortable. My friend has experienced this for herself;

6. If tattoos are fashionable in Japan, in Japan it's better not to flaunt them. The Japanese see tattoos as belonging to a certain group of people, especially the Yakuza;

7. The use of business cards is common in Japan. If you accept a business card from someone, you should take it with both hands and be sure to look at what is written on it, showing interest. This is a common courtesy gesture.

You should not refuse or refuse to take a business card, and you should not just put it in your pocket;

8. Japan is associated with high technology, but interestingly enough, cash payment is common in this country. Even in our country I often leave home without cash and can use transport, stores. But in Japan, they like cash and most often pay in this way.

In some places you just can't pay with a card. And yes, this is in Japan!

9. Going to try sushi in Japan?

First of all, it is customary to call and make reservations in advance.

Secondly, it is advisable not to use perfume, because the Japanese believe that sushi is a pleasure not only to taste but also to smell;

And third: the sequence of how you should eat sushi.

You start with less fatty fish. Between different kinds of sushi it is better to refresh the taste buds with a piece of ginger and wasabi. It is also not customary to linger long in a cafe or restaurant. Immediately after the meal, the Japanese leave;

10.  Do not tip. It can be taken as a personal insult.

It may seem strange to us because not tipping is a sign of either greed or being overly thrifty.

But in Japan, tipping is a sign of disrespect!


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