Top 10 tourist bans in different countries

1. When you come to Spain, you must not drive in flip-flops, but in any other shoes, nor can you drive barefoot. This can result in a fine or even confiscation of your car.

2. In Portugal, tourists are not allowed to urinate in the water, in order to clean the sea, but it is not clear how they catch violators.

3. In Italy it is forbidden to feed the birds to ensure the cleanliness of monuments, as well this feeding threatens a fine.

4. In Australia, it is forbidden to swear in public places and it is punishable by a fine of up to $500.

5. In Singapore it is forbidden to connect to someone else's Wi-Fi, the law in Singapore equates this to computer hacking and it can cost a fine of $10,000.

6. In Switzerland, you can't flush the toilet after 10pm, this is to combat the noise at night and you shouldn't joke about it, they are strict about this law.

7. When you get in Cyprus, you should know that you are not allowed to eat or drink while driving.

8. In Germany, you can not stay without gasoline, the only reason for that is when you drive on the Autobahn, you are not allowed to stop.

9. There is also an interesting prohibition in Canada, where you are not allowed to sing, whistle or shout loudly.

10. In Japan you can not bring your own remedies for rhinitis, but not all, you can bring salt water in the form of drops and aerosols, so check the composition of the medicine.


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