Top 10 tricks to win Chicken Dinner on a regular basis in PUBG or BGMI

Here we are sharing some PUBG or Battleground Mobile India tips and deceives or BGMI tips and deceives so you can win a Sweet CHICKEN DINNERS.

1.Using Gyroscope for Aiming 

The spinner on your cell phone might be utilized to point in the Battleground Mobile India Game. When peering down sights or checked in, you'll have the option to move your telephone instead of contacting and delaying the screen to focus on adversaries, which might be very valuable. Just go to Settings and afterward Basic to actuate the whirligig. 

2.Learn Recoil And Bullet Drop Sound 

A few weapons, for example, the AK-47, have a lot of backlash and projectile drop. It would help if you rehearsed these backlashes and slug drop designs again and again to dominate them. Since this game is so sensible, you'll need to comprehend stuff like 

1.If your rival is surging, fire somewhat in front of him to guarantee a faultless hit. 

2.Recoil Control 

3.Bullet Drop Management Only via preparing and taking an interest in more battles can you ace these abilities. Try not to be reluctant to fire at huge distances. 

3.Improve your reflexes 

In case you don't know what reflexes are in Battleground Mobile India Game or some other game. I'll basically give you a fast sketch. Reflexes allude to your ability to react rapidly. Accept that you're driving into the crew home, and you have no clue about where they've set up camp. They can assault you from any side or in any strategy you can envision, and you should react at the earliest opportunity to kill them before they kill you. This stunt will help you in killing campers in the game. 

4.Choose a better squad

Playing in arbitrary crews ought to have stayed away from. Physically pick colleagues with whom you can speak well. There should be a Leader, Sniper, Rusher, Medic, or Supporter in an ideal crew. Perceive your imperfections and attempt to develop them further. Try not to be hesitant to associate with your partners through voice visits. 

5.Use Better Guns 

It would help if you battled foes to have a chicken supper. To overcome your rivals, you should arm yourself with all the more impressive weapons. It would help if you realized which rifle is better at whatever time. Like In nearness, Use AKM, M416 and try not to utilize firearms like the Ump9 at short proximity; the weapon's harm ought to be high. On the off chance that your rival is far away, however, you can use weapons with negligible backlashes, like the Ump9, M416, and Scar-L. Go for the AirDrop, which gives the most remarkable weaponry like the Groza, M249, AWM, and Mk14, just as Level 3 Armor and Helmet. 

6.Adjust Size and Position of Controls 

Change the size and position of controls as indicated by your requirements by going to Settings - > Controls - > Customize. For instance, We can expand the size of the explosive catch to simplify it to press, and I've moved the left side fire catch to where my left thumb normally rests, permitting me to fire much faster. 

7.Improve Aim 

This is a basic point. Harm details are as per the following: Head > Body > Limbs. Thus, consistently focus on the head. 

In war mode, play 100s of Kar98 matches and consistently focus on the head. Here, affectability and reaction speed are basic. Focusing on the head is basic on the off chance that you have the right affectability. You'll struggle taking shots at that head if it's excessively high or shallow. With each match, you'll further develop your headshot precision. 

To upgrade your point, download the application "Point Master." Basically, play it for 5–10 minutes before beginning the PUBG. This stage will take some time, yet you should drive forward. 

8.Improve Reaction Time 

This is a minor detail. However, it's anything but a high cost. If you and your adversary eye to eye, the one with the more noteworthy point and response speed will win (although their individual firearms additionally matter, abilities can invalidate the distinction). To improve this bit, utilize the application "response mentor." This stage will take some time too, yet consistency is the key.

9.Predicting the Safe zone 

It is absolutely impossible to foresee the following circle, and it is absolutely impossible to realize what will occur straightaway. Going to the focal point of the circle is the best way to remain in the protected zone. The following circle, to a great extent, incorporates the circle's middle. Regardless of whether it's anything but inside the protected zone, it will be nearby. Yet, be ready for certain adversaries since everybody needs to be in the middle. 


Numerous attachment slots are accessible on weapons like the M416 and SCAR-L. It very well may be helpful on the off chance that you have a variety of attachments. Since I like to be notwithstanding my rivals, I, for the most part, convey a silencer, compensator, thumb hold, and vertical stock. (I don't suggest surging a full crew in a home on the off chance that you use a two-finger setup. You should consistently be in a hurry).

I hope these PUBG or BGMI tips and tricks will help in winning the match. Happy Chicken Dinners.

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