Top 10 Unusual Flavors of Chewing Gum in China

10.Coffee and Blackcurrant Chewing Gum

The unusual combination of coffee and black currant is particularly unusual in China for two reasons: 1. They don't like coffee much, 2. Blackcurrant grows only in certain regions, some Chinese don't even know what it is. 

9. pomelo and jasmine tea flavored chewing gum

The Chinese love tea, the pomelo fruit brings good luck, so why not combine them?

8.Chrysanthemum-flavored chewing gum

Chrysanthemum is known for its medicinal properties, so why not use it as a flavor for chewing gum?

7.Nectarine & Mango Chewing Gum

Incredibly juicy combination of mango and nectarine, very bright flavor.

6.Coca-Cola ice-cream chewing gum

Turns out there is such a dessert - coca-cola + ice cream. Here and a chewing gum with such flavor came out!

5.Chewing gum with lemon flavor

Very bright and juicy lemon flavor! 

4.Chewing gum lychee flavor

The unusual taste of the exotic fruit lychee will definitely catch your attention, at least because most Russians do not know it, because it does not grow here.

Chewing gum in a pineapple flavor.

Another flavor that is not the most unusual is pineapple.

2.Chewing gum in green Chinese plum flavor

In China, plums are consumed in every possible way - in hot dishes, desserts, medicines, and just fresh. Here it also appeared in chewing gum. 

1.Chewing gum is tasteless.

Chewing gum is sugarless and tasteless, just for brushing your teeth. In fact, there is a taste - it is just a little sweet.


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