Top 10 worst evil corporations

7. Cyberdyne Systems.

The organization was officially shown and introduced in the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day, if you don't count the director's version of the first part, where the first debut of this corporation was to take place. Having found the remains of the T-800 in a factory, under the direction of Miles Dyson, they began to reconstruct a chip from it with modern technology and as a result, the corporation created an evil Skynet artificial intelligence that got out of control and rebelled against humanity. Cyberdyne Systems is partly to blame here.

6. Lexcorp

It is generally clear from the name that this organization was founded by Lex Luthor himself, one of Superman's sworn enemies. There is essentially nothing more to say, except that the corporation was developing Kryptonite weapons and insidious plans to take over the world, since its founder was Lex Luthor.

5. Abstergo Industries.

A corporation from the Assassin's Creed universe, or Assassin's Creed, whichever suits your fancy! The corporation intended to find the Assassins treasure in the form of the Apple of Eden and all its remains around the world. In order to do this, they created a machine to link a man from the present with his ancestor from the past in order to find this treasure. The corporation thinks only of this, and the Assassins who have lived to this day are trying to save the protagonist and not let him give away the treasure's location.

4. Umbrella.

Such a corporation basically got this title, for it's own fault that the universe it lives in started a zombie apocalypse and an attack by various monsters with mutants, and tyrants too. No, not those tyrants who keep you like a prison and torture you, but huge three-meter-long jock monsters made from various pieces of human and animal like killing machines. No one would deny this fact. Umbrella has been developing the T virus, various biological weapons, mutants and an artificial intelligence Red Queen, who also doesn't mind killing people. Frankly, the corporation absolutely does not care about humanity. Nevertheless, even she did not live to see the apocalypse, which she herself arranged without knowing it. And by the way, the corporation still tries to pass itself off as a good corporation and that it is not at all to blame. But you can't fool us!

3. monarch.

This organization in the American giant monster movie universe has made no small amount of noise and its insidious deeds. Also rumor has it that in Godzilla Versus Kong, they will use Mothra's brain from the opening credits of Godzilla II to make Godzilla do their bidding by making it destroy houses and kill people, after which they will set it against King Kong. Doesn't this organization realize that it is following in the footsteps of the dinosaurs and that it is destroying the world with the hands of others, which it itself created?

2. Clover

An organization of ten thousand years keeping the secret of the existence of superhumans with superpowers, posing them as ordinary mortals. It seems that this organization should not be called an evil corporation, but it did get it, because its workers and even the military had to kill those who gave up their powers and belief in them in order to become an ordinary mortal, exposing him as mentally ill. Fortunately Mr. Glass, the Beast and David Dunn, though also dead, put an end to this corporation by giving away to all mankind the secret of the existence of superheroes and supervillains. That's why the Clover organization only gets silver! So who is the winner of this top?

1. Weyland Yutani.

This corporation is the one that made the biggest mess and almost ruined all of humanity. This corporation tried to get a xenomorph and study it so they could use it as a bioweapon, not realizing that aliens are just instinctive alien animals that only listen to themselves and won't be so easy guinea pigs for humans. There is no way to study or use them, only to kill them. But the Weyland Utani do not understand this and in addition they are even willing to kill humans by sacrificing them, as in the prequel to the movie "Alien Calling", so that humans would not give up their secrets to anyone. Simply put, they don't care about humanity so much that even they would be willing to kill everyone. Even the androids observe the same, except for the new models of androids. Now that's a real evil corporation, which I hope will never be!


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