Top 20 surprising facts about cars

All of us with you in magazines or on the Internet at least once in our lives could read about various interesting and curious facts occurring in the animal world, in nature, or about interesting and surprising, for example, people, as well as about many, many other things. Dear friends, our online edition has decided to publish in this article, specially selected by us surprising facts that we meet with swami almost every day. We are talking specifically about the amazing facts about cars. These facts can surprise almost every one of us, as well as professionals and so-called car enthusiasts. The car, in fact, is the most popular mode of transport in the world, so our edition thought that the "Top 20" amazing facts published by us together with the photos, will be very interesting to a large number of reading citizens.


1. The windshield wipers for the car were invented by a woman.


2. The most Rolls-Royce cars per capita are found in Hong Kong.


3. The Ferrari car company produces an average of 14 cars per day.


4. The most expensive car ever sold for the city was the Bugatti Rovale at $8,700,000.


5. The largest and heaviest limousine was the Mitnight Rider model car.


6.The first radio was invented in 1929.


7. Car airbags kill one (1) out of 22 human lives that these airbags save.


8. You pay 8 times more money for 1 liter of coffee than you do for the same liter of gasoline.


9.It would take over 150 years to get a car to the sun.


10. 56% of motorists wash their car once a month, and 16% of them don't wash their car at all.


11. Red colored cars are banned in Shanghai, China.


12. 12. Drivers of cars kill more deer than the same hunters.


13. The average speed of cars in 1972 was approximately 96 km/h, and by 1982 it had dropped to 27 km/h.


14. The Ford Mustang GT-500 became one of the most recognizable cars in the world thanks to the movie "Steal in 60 Seconds".


15. There is 1 car for every U.S. resident at this time period.


16. On December 15, 2010, there were 19 people in a Smart car.


17. In Switzerland, the largest speeding ticket ever issued was $1 million.


18. Every driver stopping at a red traffic light spends about 2 weeks of his life in a car.


19. The first car race held in the United States was in 1895. Average speed of cars was 115 km/h.


20. In California, 6 people today have driver's licenses registered in the name of Jesus Christ.


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