Top 3 Altcoin for March 2022 | Event based Coins

So as I told you that if I see any opportunity here, I will definitely share it with you. So today in this article I am going to share some altcoins with you for march 2022. And these altcoins have some event plans. So if you do a strategy plan and take entry into these altcoins, then you will definitely be able to earn a decent amount of profit. So what are those coins, we will discuss in this article. will also discuss that strategy and if you would have followed me within 2021 then you would have made a huge profit from my mentioned altcoins. And if you do not want to miss out that profit in 2022 then make sure to follow my blog So that any important update of my article is not missed out from you. 

So before telling the names of those altcoins, let me share a small strategy with you. So here the situation is still very critical, much more crucial. Where the war between Russia and Ukraine is not over yet And I have shared this thing with you before also. Due to the ongoing war situation of Russia and Ukraine any statement can impact the market heavily. So there is still a need to be colorful. You don't trade freely now. It is mandatory to put a stop loss. You not only the altcoins I have mentioned, but if you are seeing an opportunity by yourself, an event is going to come of a coin, if you are taking entry, do not take entry without stop loss. Make sure to use stop loss. Because at this time only the stop loss can can make you safe from loss. Let's move quickly on our altcoin. 

1) So the first altcoin is Axie Infinity


Axie infility


AXS coin I have just shared a full and detail article of Axie Infinity with you here, if you want, you can ead that article. In that article it has been told in detail that how Axie Infinity game has become so big in today's date. What development is going to bring here? So let me tell, they are going to bring many things in development. These people are bringing new version. Where currently, if we play the game, then we require some SLP coins and AXS cons. But short off they are coming with free version of this. Along with this, they are running many other things in their project. So all these things are going to happen here until the end of march.  So we may get to see an impact of this on the price of AXS coin. So I would recommend you that with this price you can accumulatein this coin in  4 to 5% dip from here. and I think that's why we can get to see an impact in the price. Let's move to our second point. 

2) So, the second coin will be terra LUNA


terra LUNA


Talking about Terra LUNA, fundamental wise this coin is very strong. Recently I also shared with you on my telegram channel that Terra LUNA coin has become the second largest staked asset. and it has even beat Ethereum Also $2.5 billion worth of LUNA has been removed from the supply. and due to which we are getting to see this spike in LUNA coin price. As of right now LUNA coin is running around $98. And it is facing its all time high resistance. And if this resistance breaks here, then we can probably see it becoming a new all time high. also I have shared the proper update of Terra LUNA coin on my telegram channel. In fact a proper post I shared with you. And in that post clearly mentioned Terra LUNA is the strongest altcoin. And the fire is still left out in this altcoin. After that, the cointinuously update of LUNA coin, I am sharing in this dump. Whoever would have taken these posts seriously here Or the update that I shared with you, on my telegram channel, if you would have followed it here, then you would have got a very good benefit from LUNA coin. For now as well, I would like to recommed you, But with stop loss you will trade here inside LUNA coin.  So now let's talk about the third coin here.

3) So the third coin is Klever (KLV coin). 


KLV coin


The reason for this month to recommed KLV coin here is that they have many events planned in the month of march. Here is the plan for approx 5 to 6 events only through out march month, some of which are phases of testnet. Minnet to be launched and minnet swap is also coming here. And I think there is an impact of these events here we can get to see on the price of their coin.  So if you want, you can definitely watch out the KLV coin in the march month. 

Now let's talk about a new project from whose side the article is sponsored, whose name is You will get to see the coin on CoinMarketCap. bPRIVA token is their trigger and currently their coin is listed on exchanges like MEX PancakeSwap. This is a web 3.0 project and their aim is that they want to build an ecosystem where developers can build their own projects here through their platform. Talk about their smart contract, then through Certik their smart contract is currently audited. Their auditing through Solidity Finance is currently pending. Now talking about development, their PRIVANFT DOMAIN has come. PRIVA Hosting is coming here. PRIVA Browser is also coming here. And they are also going to bring PRIVA Wallet in the future. for which their team is working. Along with this, talking about their tokens, the total supply of their tokens is 10 million, out of which 8 million tokens are locked here and only 2 million tokens are in circulation at this time. I will keep all the links of this project click here… . You must check out there once.  


But remember this is not a financial advice, you must do your own study and research before investing anywhere. If you like the article then definitely comment down . Because this is what motivates me to bring such informative content for you And by commenting what is your opinion about my mentioned altcoins, definitely tell. See you in next article. Till then take care and bye bye. 


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