Top 3 Must-Watch YouTube Channels for Gearheads (if you’re addicted to cars)

Social media has two sides. The side that is negatively affecting the lives of youth around the world and the side on which people view it as an educational tool. Car enthusiasts and gearheads certainly view the medium as both an educational tool and stress reliever. That is why the following three YouTube channels are attracting and converting followers into loyal vehicle enthusiasts. 

Another reason why these channels are gaining popularity is that they only appeal to a specific audience, the people who, when given an option, would treat their vehicles better than their wives. Let’s jump in.

Gears and Gasoline

The videos on the Gears and Gasoline channel are superbly made, and you get to learn extensively about car mods. The two presenters are both named Ben, and they have a seamless rapport that makes the videos entertaining and informative. In a few videos, they mod rare performance classics and drive vertically across America in them, and it's captivating.  

Rich Rebuilds

Rich, the presenter, started The Electrified Garage, which is purely dedicated to EVs. This is an entertaining channel you should spend every minute of your waking days on if you're thinking about relocating your gasoline-guzzling BMW Mini Cooper into your backyard and converting it to a fully-fledged EV. 


This is a channel that brings together a bunch of drifting-nerds who are like that one family that is obsessed about all things performance vehicles and car mod culture. Their videos have a distinct style that makes them engaging, entertaining, and educational at the same time. The gang recently surprised one of their own, Nads, with a Honda Civic EG build. What a heartwarming show of friendship among not only workmates but car enthusiasts.  


By my estimates, if you eat, sleep, and watch these top three YouTube channels, you're bound to be a certified car mod mechanic in no time.  


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