Top 5 Best Guns in the World

5. TT pistol

Country of manufacturer: USSR

Designed: 1930

Carrying weight: 0.94 kg

Barrel Length: 116 mm

This pistol is known for its good power and ability to penetrate various obstacles. Due to its small size it is possible to conceal its carrying. It was developed in 1930 and for many years it was actively used in the Soviet army.

It is very easy to handle, which was one of the reasons for its popularity. The main negative feature of the pistol is the unreliability of fixing the magazine with cartridges. Because of this, some cases of self-inflicted shootings were registered.

4. FN Five-seveN

Country of production: Belgium

Length: 208mm

Velocity of bullet: 520 to 650 m/s (depending on ammo)

Magazine capacity: 10 (limited), 20 (standard), 30 (extended capacity) rounds

This gun is the fourth best pistol in the world. It was designed and manufactured in 1998. Successfully used by various units and groups of NATO military alliance. It is easy to use in difficult situations, extremely light and versatile. And, if special cartridges are used it is possible to increase combat power. This will give the possibility to pierce the armor.

3. Glock 17

Country of production: Austria

Designed: 1982

Length: 186mm

Velocity of the bullet: 350 - 360 m/s

Magazine capacity: 17 (standard), 19 or 30 rounds (extra capacity).

The top three is a Glock 17. It is successfully used by several dozen countries and armed forces. Different modifications allow to use it for various purposes. Optimal weight and uncomplicated construction (assembled from 30 parts) are the main advantages. With the help of a simple nail, specialists disassemble the gun in less than 60 seconds.

The Glock 17 is one of the most reliable pistols in the world. Up to half a million shots can be fired from it. There is no trigger as such. There is also no flag for the safety, and this will allow you to quickly pull the gun out of the holster and fire it.

The Glock 17 does not fit the classic idea of a firearm. Structurally, many of its parts are made of strong polymer, which is not afraid of shocks and mechanical impacts. Many police officers in the U.S. use it. About 40% of the policemen surveyed consider the Glock 17 to be the most comfortable firearm of all time.

2. SIG-Sauer P226

Country of manufacture: Germany, Switzerland.

Designed: 1981

Carrying weight: 0.802 or 0.867 kg (depending on ammo used).

Length: 196 mm

Capacity of magazine: 12, 13, 15, 17, 18, 20 rounds (depending on ammo used).

This gun has a unique history. Its high position in the rating is well-deserved because this pistol was approved by various armies and special services of the world. As a result of cooperation between SIG and Sauer, the Sig-Sauer P226 pistol appeared on the market. Back in the middle of the last century was made model P220, it was used as the basis for the production of the P226.

Gunsmiths note the well-thought-out design and excellent quality of execution of the smallest details. If you need to use a small pistol, this model will not be suitable. If you look at the photo of SIG-Sauer P226, you may get the impression that it is lightweight, as if it is made of plastic. This is far from reality. In fact, the gun is quite large and heavy. In the hands of professionals, its relatively large size and good fighting power make the gun indispensable.

The manufacturer of the SIG-Sauer P226 has been building excellent quality weapons for many years. The use of new developments is the main key to the company's success.

The gun was created back in 1981, as a competition piece for the U.S. Army. Perhaps the most important disadvantage of this pistol is its high cost, which prevented it from taking the first place in the list of the best firearms.

1. Beretta 92

Country of manufacture: Italy

Designed: 1975

Curb weight: 0.95 kg

Length: 217mm

Barrel length: 125 mm

Velocity of bullet: 390 m/s

Magazine capacity: 15 rounds

This Italian firearms manufacturer, one of the oldest in Europe, has created a pistol model, unique in every respect - the Beretta 92. Today, it is the best pistol in the world. In modern conditions Beretta 92 and a large number of modified models are successfully used by armies and special units of many countries.

But, even the leader of the rating has disadvantages - it is too large grip, as well as significant weight, compared to other pistols of this class.


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